Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not this weekend :(

Well, it looks like the little one will be hanging out at the NICU this weekend. We had just a slight bit of hope when a doctor said we might be able to take him home this weekend, but they will keep him over the weekend because it looks like he'll have his shunt surgery on Monday or Tuesday. Probably more like Tuesday. It was tough for Leigh and I just because earlier this morning Leigh was surprised by the fact that a doctor said he might come home Friday, it would almost be better if they didn't say that unless they were for certain, ya know?

Anyway, Greyson's doing well and he'll be able to get up off his belly tomorrow. Finally a change of scenery for the little man. Gotta be kinda sick of lounging on his belly for a week. Although I think I'd be content with eating, sleeping and lounging on my belly all week. Tomorrow also marks the day that We can hold him! I'm not sure if it will be full-on "hold a little baby" holding, but nevertheless we can hold Greyson without having him lying flat on a pillow.

Today also marked the day Leigh nursed Grey for the first time. An interesting predicament when he has to remain feet higher than his head and belly-down. But the incredible nurses here got creative and it worked out better than expected!

So we prepare for another surgery...wait didn't we already do this? Yeah it'll be tough, maybe even tougher than his first becasue we've gotten to know our sweet baby and love him more than we thought we ever could. We hate that he will have to go through this once again, but know that it is what is best for him. As always, we put him in God's hands and know that He is in complete control. Please say a prayer for our little guy and for us, as we know that it will be a difficult few days but hopefully our family will be home within the week!

love to you all,
Leigh, Andy, and baby Grey


Kim said...

I'm praying for your little one. It's such a rough time, but the Lord does sustain. :*)

Anonymous said...

Hi kids. This is Chris McMorrow's mum. Just wanted to let you know I'm following little Greyson and am all wrapped up in the little fellow and praying fervently. There is a little contingent of praying people out here in the Boston area, so be encouraged!

jaborisch said...

I know this news was hard for you both to hear :(. You both are so strong and are such good parents to little Greyson. It does sound like today is going to be a momentous one, so enjoy getting to hold him and snuggle him like you have wanted to for so long! Oh yeah, and you go Leigh! Nursing is hard enough, I can't imagine how hard it must be in your situation!! We love you guys and will continue praying for your little family!

Joanna and David said...

Hi Leigh,
I told you earlier on the SBkids group that your blog on Greyson inspired me to create my own. :) So now along with creating and updating our little blog, I have now read almost all your posts on your experience so far and I feel as if I know you and your little one. :) He's doll, so precious, and I feel like I have a special connection because my doctors visits seem to mirror yours. I'm 24weeks and due in May but I feel like I'm right behind you. :) Its strange and wonderful at the same time that I can relate to you so much. I want you to hold your little boy at home almost as much as I long to hold my own! :) I feel like your little angel is somehow connected to mine and I just wanted to tell you how your life and your family have enriched my own. I hope and pray the best blessings on your Greyson and perhaps my little boy will one day meet yours. :) God bless,