Saturday, April 20, 2013

Roller skating party

A few weeks back my nieces had a birthday party...and it happen to be at a roller skating ring! I haven't been roller skating since the mid 90's but was really excited to tie up those skates again and do the Hokey-Pokey!!!

Turns out, Grey loves "roller skating" as well. And why wouldn't's combining his two favorite things, music and dancing all into one!

Here we are getting down at Woodland roller skating Rink (this happens to be the very same place I had skating parties when i was in middle school....crazy)

and there's Leigh getting her "skate on"

 and this is how the snack bar looks today...exactly the same as it did when i was in 5th grade. awesome!

By the end of the party we had to drag grey off the rink, he loved it and only stopped "skating" to partake in some birthday cake. So lets just say you might see the Gibbs family at the next open skate in the near future!


the Gibbs

oh and here's a little video of the evening.