Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HOME!!!! part two

So yes, somehow i've taken over the role as head blogger of the family, something i would have never guessed i'd be involved with months ago, but here I am, and its actually been quite helpful as we've gone on this journey. So anyway, yesterday was quite a ride for us hearing the news that we could actually take our G-man home!! This was a complete surprise to us, we were preparing for a tuesday surgery, pysching ourselves up to deal with the Dr telling us "Yes, his ventricles have increased, and yes, he will need the shunt surgery tuesday" But, "No" instead he said there was no change, and that he'll be checked in a week. We were somewhat torn. Was this just delaying the inevitable or was this an answer to our prayers the previous night? We've learned to hang on to even the slighest bit of hope these past months and this is no different. Remember the previous post when i said i was fed up with the hospital and had to get out!!! Well guess what, next day and we're outta there! And yes, i know the statistics and yes he probably will need a shunt, but for this week we've got our little guy where we want him, at home!!!

So when the doctor finally gave him the official OK to leave it was beyond surreal. After saying goodbye to our two favorite nurses we had to ask a few times "so we can just leave?" "Do we have to scan him or something?" But no, he was ours and off we went. Walking out of the hospital we just really didn't think it was real, he was gonna come home. After pulling the car up front we securely fastened him in, I tugged on that latch plenty of times and made sure he wasn't going anywhere. And so he was in and we were off to make the 10 minute journey home. Leigh sat in the back as to "protect" him from anything the car seat couldn't. I'm wondering how long she'll sit in the back there with him. hahaha. It was like i was back taking my drivers ed test, hands at 10 and 2, yielding, cautiously proceeding at intersections. I was beyond cautious. This i'm sure is the mindset of every mother or father driving there child home for the first time ever. :)

So we made it home and after a tour of his new digs Leigh and I had a moment of "Ok, now what?" "I dont know, we could put him in his pj's?" "Ok, sure lets do that"
So we bundled him up and I did the only thing I thought was right at the time. I placed him on his side on the floor and put my face 1 inch from his and just looked at him. His little hands would occasional touch my face...my heart melted even more. :)

The first night went well I think, It's not like i have anything to compare it too, but he got up at 1 and 5 AM and Leigh and I tag teamed, changed, fed, cleaned, rocked, and back to bed. His noise machine is amazing, its like a babbling brook is running right through our bedroom. hahaha. So today has been pretty chill, adjust to life with our new little roommate. Trying to figure out what we needs, when he needs it and how much he needs. So we continue to pray for the health of this little guy and pray that he will continue to bless our family as he already has so much.


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Lacy said...

Congratulations to actually be home and it is great to always hold onto a little hope even if it does not turn out the way you want. It's exciting to see you being able to be first time parents and not having to focus on the SB issue right this second. Enjoy each day because they do grow up fast.

Joelynne said...

Andy & Leigh - he's beautiful!! That second picture melts my heart...those bright little eyes.

What a perfect little man! The above post is true - make sure you try to cherish every minute, even when you're beyond exhausted. They do grow up faster than you can imagine! :0]

Joanna and David said...

It sounds like things are going right so far. :) Two times in the night is pretty good right? (I don't know yet personally, but I've heard about worse). I'm so happy for you two. The new pics are awesome. :)

K. Lintjer said...

Hi Little greyson, I hope you are LOVING being at home with mommy and daddy! I know that they are loving you! I will miss you tomorrow when I go to work. You were a joy to take care of, I'm so glad that I got to meet you and your parents, their wonderful! Hugs from your favorite nurse Kristen

Colleen said...

Okay, he is so precious. I just love the red hair, just like my little redhead. Enjoy this precious time. This guy is going to knock your socks off ... even more.