Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer-Part 2!

Another few months have gone by and we have failed to blog!! Lucky for us, that means we are enjoying the summer!! :) Here is what we've been up to the second half of summer...

In July, we went on our annual trip up north with the Gibbs crew! I'm not exactly sure what/if Grey remembered anything from our trip last year, but I can tell you that he was really looking forward to this "cation." Last year it was "baby-cation" this year, it was just "cation" so cute. :) Grey and baby Evan (yes, Grey still calls him baby Evan, even though they are now pretty much the same size...he will always be Grey's baby) had so much fun together, and we had so much fun watching them!  We stay in a little cottage right near a great beach with beautiful water. The boys had a great time splashing around. Grey loves that little life jacket of his and was swimming all over the place!

 Grey and Ev splashing around

Grey and Andy after an evening sea-doo ride.
 Love this kid. What would I do without his crooked little smile?

This might be my favorite picture from the trip. Grey's wheels were all sandy and he wasn't interested in pushing Evan just did. He heard Grey crying about the sand and just took over. All on his own. He really is the best little cousin that Grey could ask for. 

The Gibbs boys, just taking it easy. 

 Grey thinking about life and enjoying the water.  :)

 What a nut.

 So pretty. We had the best weather the entire time we were up there. 
Couldn't ask for better.

 Daddy and Grey...BFFS

 Grey and Grandma Joy. Swimming in the cleanest water that you'll ever see.
We had a great few days and are already looking forward to next year! 

A few days after we got home a big project was started at our house...a new patio!! We were SO EXCITED about this!! We love our house, the inside is just perfect for Grey. Lots of room to wheel around..big open spaces...just perfect for what he needs. The outside however...not so much. Our driveway is sloped, there aren't any sidewalks, and every street that you go down is a hill. Great for the kids who longboard in our neighborhood, terrible for the kids (ok, just kid) who uses a wheelchair. :) SO, Andy and I had been thinking and thinking about what we could to make Grey more independent outside. He is a typical 3 year old who loves playing outside, but there really wasn't a safe option for him, until the patio. :)

Here is a picture from the top. There is a ramp going from the driveway down. 

Here it is from the bottom. It's probably about 30 feet by 40 feet 
(maybe, I'm really bad with guessing dimensions)

We have been spending so much time out there, and we LOVE it! We've had fires, played baseball, had dance parties, played with the sand/water table, done spins, much!

Andy has always loved baseball and I know it means so much to him that he actually has a place to play with Grey now. Even if Grey's favorite part is throwing the bat after he hits it. Basically, he just wants to throw the bat, he doesn't really care about hitting it. :)

I hear "let's go play on my patio" all day and I love it! :)

 One last picture...we went to the fair with my friend Erin and her kids this past week and Grey had so much fun! It's a little extra work getting him in and out of all of those rides, but so worth it! Just look at those faces!!

Well there you have it, the second half of our summer! We've had a great summer and are looking forward to Fall!

September 22 is the second annual Stroll 'N Roll for the West Michigan Spina Bifida Organization! It seems like Emily and I have been talking about this for so long, and now it is so close and I don't feel ready at all! :)

If you'd like to help support Greyson's team you can do so HERE!  We are so excited to celebrate Grey and those living with Spina Bifida!