Sunday, February 22, 2009

One things for sure...

the little man's hair appears to have a reddish hue to it. And if anyone has seen my "beard" before you'll know he gets it from his old man. So we'll see if this auburn shade sticks with him and if so we'll stock up the SPF 100 for our fair-skinned little dude. Anyway, this Sunday was a fairly busy day with visitors and such. It appears his loyal fan base is local and he has several guests everyday to admire him. Today, however was the first day where I felt really "trapped" in our space on the third floor. All 8 of Greyson's roomates parents were in to visit and it just made things cramped and gave me an uneasy feeling. Leigh and I are both so ready to leave and make Grey comfortable in his own room. But we learn patience, and know when we finally get to take him home it'll be even more meaningful.

It seems like Grey's been making some friends here among the nurses as well, we've just heard that three nurses have requested to care for him on monday and tuesday. Either they really love this little guy or they are just interested in an easy work day because he's the easiest to care for in the room. Either way, he's pretty popular. :)

So tomorrow he'll have his tests and we'll know for sure about the shunt surgery. It seems likely he will indeed have it. Man, it'll be hard to see him go thru another surgery. But we are pretty confident this little one has the right attitude going in, he'll be cool, calm and relaxed. That's just how he rolls!

love to all,

Leigh, Andy, Greyson


Joanna and David said...

Yay!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys that he's finally coming home! What exciting news. A redhead is always adorable. :) I've got several in my family and my blonde cousin and her blonder husband just had their little girl today and surprise, red hair! lol. And I don't know about you but I'm still praying for no shunt! That would be a great relief for you guys I know. And who knows. God can do anything. :) Keep us posted on his appointments and I'll keep praying prayers of thanks for all that has gone well so far and will go well in the future. ")

April said...

Andy I just want to say you are the best photographer EVER. I LOVE looking at your pics so keep 'em coming! Glad to see everyone is home and happy!