Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July Weekend

So yeah, the 4th was almost 2 weeks ago, but things have been busy around here, so posting some pictures has been delayed...until now!

So here ya go, a recap of the Holiday events starting with an impromptu photo session in the backyard, followed by bubbles.

Cutest crooked smile i've ever seen!
love this kid, look at that grin :)

"oh wait Dad, let me adjust my shades."

"oh no Dad, the bubbles are all gone"

On Monday we went over to Aunt Pat's for brunch. Grey and cousin Evan were being quite Patriotic...until Grey's pinwheel thingy stopped spinning.

Here's Grey hugging Ev, Any chance he gets to hug him, he does. Im not sure Evan likes it as much as Grey, Lets say he tolerates it... most of the time.

After brunch we headed over to the local "carnival" where Grey quickly spotted the swing thingy, and pointed us in the right direction. Although it was a really nice family event for the community, I swear it seemed like every ride was a "jumpy thing", not exactly ideal for Grey. So Grey rode the 7 times, and he loved it!
Superman indeed!

And of course because the sun was out, we had to hit grandma and pop's pool! Here's Grey and I exploring the "waterfall"

And Finally to cap off the eveing we decided to give fireworks a try this year. We weren't sure if the noise would be too much for Grey, but it turns out he loves fireworks! Here he is before the show, getting excited!

The family enjoying the show.

Grey watching the Grand Finale with Grandma and Grandpa Gibbs.

So i'll end this post with a little video montage recapping the day.

Hope everyone's having a wonderful summer! it's been great here in Michigan.

love to all,

Andy, Leigh, Grey.

Monday, July 4, 2011


This past week, Grey, my mom and I went to the National Spina Bifida Conference in Anaheim, CA. It. was. amazing. The best part about the whole trip was having the opportunity to meet some of the SB families that I have come to know so well over the past 3 years. Seeing them face to face and feeling like I already knew them was really something that I will never forget.

One of the first nights there, we had a little get together to meet with everyone, I could have stayed there all night. Unfortunately Grey couldn't. :) The time change was a bit much for him. But he was a real trooper.

I was really terrible with taking pictures, but here is one with just a few of the moms that I was able to meet.

We had 3 days jammed packed with classes like "Management of the Neurogenic Bladder" and "Insights into Maximizing Bowel Function and Achieving Continence" and "Nonverbal Learning Disabilities: How to Remediate Executive Function Weaknesses that Inhibit Self-Help and Adaptive Skill Development" so you can only imagine how our minds were mush by the end of each day. It was so nice to be there with people who really, truly "get it." To those families that I was able to meet while I was there...Thank you so much for all of the love and support, my life is better because of all of you.

The conference was held at the Disneyland Hotel, and we couldn't go there and NOT go to Disneyland! From the minute we arrived, Grey was OBSESSED with "Micky Mouse's house" seriously, obsessed! He LOVED every second of Disneyland. Every ride, every tram, every elevator, EVERYTHING!! Here are a few picture of him during a ride, I'm not sure which one. I know it looks like he is terrified, but it is a good terrified. :)

We also couldn't go to Disneyland without meeting Orie (Eey Ore) and Mickey. He was intrigued by both and WANTED to meet them, but the second we got close to them he kinda freaked out.:)

We were lucky enough to get to go to Disneyland with our good friends David, Joanna, and Jet Penny one day. Grey and Jet weren't too sure of each other the last time they met (last summer) but they seemed to warm up to each other a bit during this trip.

It doesn't really look like it, but they really are BFFs!! :)

Here are just a few more Disneyland pics...

It really was such an amazing trip. Going out of our room each day we saw many, MANY other people (adults, kids) in wheelchairs and it was so nice. We are home now, and Grey is back to being the only kid around in a wheelchair...which is OK! but boy was it nice to just "fit into the crowd" for a few days. :)

Here is our friend Katie, she is going into 2nd grade and her attitude is amazing. She loves sports, reading, and LOVES LIFE. I, love her. :)

We really had such a great time, and I'm already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year...and so is Grey!! :)