Thursday, February 26, 2009

Out on the town!

So it's been a few days at home with our little guy and things have been going quite well. Any sort of scheduling has been thrown out the window, in fact we had an appointment at 9 this morning, but realized that would be tricky to make happen so re-scheduled for the afternoon :) We have to add some "cushion" time in to anything we do at this point, because we are trying to figure out how long things take with a little guy. It's been much easier because its been both Leigh and I tag teaming to figure things out this week. The real test will be next week when i head back to work and leave Leigh to fend for herself. But from what I've observed, she's a natural at this mom thing and will have no problem at all.

This week has been great, we've had visitors every day, and even better every time someones come to say hi to greyson, they've also brought us food! It's been wonderful not having to think about making a meal and such. thank you to all!

So greyson has hit the town on a few occasions this week. His latest venture was to his pediatrician appointment this afternoon. The little guy did pretty good considering he had to take all his nice warm clothes off and be poked and prodded. And according to the Doc he's doing well falling right into the middle percentile with pretty much everything. His back continues to look better everyday and sure enough, he keeps getting cuter every day.

This has definitely been different than any other "vacation" i've taken off of work. But honestly have to say its been one of the best. Lounging on the couch, catching up on spring training baseball, dozing off, me and grey are getting really good at all these things! :)

So today is his 2 week birthday. It's funny how he's changed just in 2 weeks. I look at him and the pictures i took on day 1 and think "wow, this little guys getting big" I guess thats what 9 oz does to beef up a little guy.

So we just wanted to drop an update and let everyone know that we are hangin in there and fully embracing parenting. We just ask for continued prayers for greyson as he has his follow up ultrasound monday to see if his ventricles have increased. We will keep you all posted as to the outcome and how the next week will unfold.




annie said...

andy and leigh - this is your cousin annie in alaska - first of all - congrats! i've been thinking about you all, i spend a lot of time in the NICU (as a nurse)...and as great as hospitals are..., i'm happy for you to get your greyson to his own home! it's fun to follow your blog. from a person who sees too many have a super cute one... :) you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. take care! -- annie

Joanna and David said...

I cannot get over how beautiful he is! How do you ever put him down! :) My little kickboxer has been super active yesterday and today. Yesterday he had the hiccups twice! I love it but sometimes I think ..."whoa there, shouldn't you be resting and still or something? Don't hurt yourself!" Did that ever worry you? Was Greyson a kicker?