Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Too Long!!

Wow, it has been a really long time since we have updated the blog, and an even longer time since I (Leigh) have posted anything!! So long in fact, that blogger is totally different and I'm completely lost! Please forgive me if this post is totally random (like this weird underlining that I can't figure out!) So, with that said...here is our summer so far...

Grey is like all 3 year old boys and wants to be outside all. the. time. We are constantly trying to find new things that he can do while we are out. Grey's cousin, Parker, came up with a great idea and made him his very own longboard!! Grey LOVES it and rides it all the time! Here are a few pictures of him riding...

Yes, I do make him wear elbow and knee pads. The helmet is a no brainer, and the others I make him wear because they are just too cute to pass up. :) 

We have also spent A LOT of time at my parent's pool. They are probably getting so sick of us! :) At the beginning of summer, Grey still had to be held and I wondered if he would ever have any type of independence in the pool...well, he totally does! :) He wears Parker's life jacket from at least 10 years ago and swims all over the place on his own! We are so excited and proud of this!  

And just for fun, here is a picture of Parker wearing the same life jacket...they are kind of twins. :)

This summer we have a pass to the zoo!! It has been so great, we have gone at least 6 times and Grey loves it more and more each time we are there. He is kind of a freak about animals these days, and it's so fun to see his excitement while we are there! His favorites? The ducks, flamingos, lions, and bears!

He also loves going to the splash park! At first I was pretty worried about letting his ride get SOAKED...but he is a kid, and needs to have fun! So it gets wet and we dry it off. So far, nothing crazy has happened to it. :) 
 He is a crazy person while he is in there. Going all over the place having the best time! I love that he can do a "typical" kid thing and have just as much fun as all of the other kids. This is the only picture I could find, sorry. :)

We also went to a the Grand Rapids Wheelchair associations bowling day. Grey had fun for the first game, but then just wanted to check the place out. So I followed him around the bowling alley for the next 40 minutes, it was awesome.  :)


I was able to go to the Spina Bifida Associations national conference again this year! This year it was held in Indianapolis and 5 of us from the Grand Rapids area drove down together. It is crazy to think that if Grey didn't have spina bifida, I most likely never would have met these amazing women. They have become some of my best friends and I couldn't imagine living this life without them. They "get" the things that no one else does, and understand me completely. And the best part... I would absolutely be friends with them even if our kids didn't have SB. :)
Here are a few pictures from that weekend...

I was also able to meet my friend Angie for the first time, although it felt like we had always known each other. :) Her youngest son, Palmer was born with spina bifida and he is a rockstar. Already, knocking the socks off of so many. Love that Thompson family!


Well, there you have it. Throw in the Fourth of July

and a few park trips and that has been the first half of our summer!

We hope that you all are enjoying your summer as much as we are!! 

We are already gearing up for the second annual Stroll 'N Roll event that is coming up on Sept. 22!! Emily and I are working hard on making some changes to make it the best event that we can! We will keep you all posted!! 

Much love from the Gibbs family!!