Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So today Greyson finally got all that lingering "gunk" out of his hair. Yup Leigh got to play hair stylist and do-up his hair. I kept pushing for the rat tail look, but Leigh was against it. For those of you that have seen him in person you know he's working on a pretty sweet baby mullet, that if twisted up correctly would make for a great 80's rat tail. hehe Anyway, his "bath" went well and he seemed to be even more kissable than before. Greyson also got to put on his first real oufit, I was asked my opinion but it really didn't matter, Leigh had it planned well in advance im sure.

Greyson did have his head ultra this morning and although the measurement around his head stayed the same, it appears that his ventricles are larger than normal. (we knew this while he was in utero) The DR said this could be his heads ventricle size, but was honest and said he thought he would need a shunt. They will do an ultrasound again next Monday and based on that we could have his surgery next tuesday. So as much as we were preparing for this it was still hard to swallow. Especially after loving on him so much today, and seeing how peaceful and content he is right now. Another surgery and not even 2 weeks old. I've been around almost 28 years and have had 2 surgeries total. One of which was for warts on my feet (yes I had surgery for warts on my feet, no need to laugh) Anyway, for what this little guy has had to endure already, he is far tougher than I'll ever be. So the tough part is just the idea of having to go through another surgery. Shunts are pretty common, in people of all ages, but with any surgery theres risks and we just don't like the idea risks being associate with our precious, perfect baby. So for all of you following and praying say a prayer for all 3 of us as he gear up for some more combat.

With love,

Andy, Leigh, and Grey


jaborisch said...

We definately will keep the three of you in our prayers. I, personally, think that little Grey would look rather handsome with a rat tail :). There isn't anything you could do to that little guy that would make him any less adorable!!!

Heather Held said...

Leigh & Andy,
All 3 of you are in our prayers! He is a beautiful little boy. Dr.Held and the girls are keeping in you in their thougts as well.
Give Grey lots of kisses.

Heather Held (Heidi Haan's sister & Dr. Helds daughter in law) :)