Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Spring Gardening

Well the weather is getting nicer lately so the 3 of us decided to try our hand at gardening this year. Having very, very little gardening experience we decided to start simple...and followed the square foot gardening method. We built two 4'x4' garden beds, mixed our soil and last weekend bought our plants. So after one full week in the ground we are "happy" to report that only 2 green bean plants have fallen victim to that "cute" little bunny in our yard. The fence will be going up tomorrow! But yeah, its been fun and this week grey's been helping "wash the plants" as he puts it. goof.

Here i am showing him how to do it. He quickly pushed me aside and wanted to do it himself...naturally.

Here's a little video of grey washing the garden.


the gibbs'

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This is the phrase that Andy and I hear...A LOT!! Grey wants to be outside all. the. time. The past few weeks have been difficult trying to find things that he can actually do outside. He isn't crawling on all fours yet so if he is on the pavement or the deck he gets so dirty and I am super paranoid that he is going to get all scraped up. He rides on his 4-wheeler, rides his amtryke on the deck, and loves to rip out grass and throw it...other than that, we were at a loss, not wanting Grey to be stuck inside all summer, but really having a tough time finding things for him to do outside..until today. :) This past month (thanks to 1+1 therapy) Grey has made some amazing progress with his walker. His balance is great, he is taking steps and moving the walker all on his own, and his confidence in his ability has soared. So, I decided to take the walker outside and let Grey stand at it while we played catch...he had other plans. :) He was walking all over the place!

He walked (really fast because it's sloped downward) down the driveway, he walked on the grass, he walked on the deck. He walked all over! It wasn't pretty and it wasn't fast...but he did it. I was so proud as our neighbors walked by and saw my little boy doing what little boys do. And amongst all the walking/playing he had time to give his mommy a kiss :)

Today, Grey showed me (yet again) that I need to stop worrying about the future and just focus on all of the amazing things that he is doing today!


Leigh, Andy, Grey.