Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Weekend at the NICU

So Leigh and I have determined that the hospital is getting a little old, Sure we know exactly where to park, what hours the cafeteria are open, and how to get up to the third floor the quickest. But we are ready to take greyson home!!! But we go one day at a time and enjoy ever second we get to hang with our little buddy! And lately things have been pretty exciting!!! Yesterday marked the first day that Greyson didn't have to be on his belly! And basically they Ok'd him to be in any position he's comfortable with. WE still are leaning on the side of precaution and not setting him on his back for too long, it's just a little scary. But the Docs say he's fine and his attitude wouldn't prove anything different. He's very content. So now that he's up off his belly he we can hold him!!! Yes an amazing feeling that we've been not so patiently waiting for, for over a week! Yesterday afternoon Leigh was able to hold Grey for the first time like a little baby should be held. Obviously the love for our little guy was overwhelming as she held him. I'm pretty sure she didnt let go or share him with anyone else for 4-5 hours. I don't blame her! After some convincing I was able to peal greyson away from Leigh so that i could hold my buddy. Wow, finally. It was incredible!

This morning as we walked in, Greyson had what looked like earmuffs on, but earmuffs that were from Star wars or something. Turns out he was having his hearing screening done...and he passed. So that cools, the little guy can hear. IT must be from when i set my ipod next to his head those first couple days. Gotta get him started early on learning what good music is all about! :)

Today has been great, We've held him, washed him, squeezed him, and pretty much gaze at him and are perfectly happy. I loose track of time because im so focused on him. So he hope to just enjoy the rest of the weekend hangin with our new best friend. We know what Monday/Tuesday will hold and dont want to get caught up on that. Monday he'll have another head ultrasound and his shunt surgery is in the books tentatively for tuesday. So all please continue to pray for Greyson has he's gonna have to put his game face on again and get tough for another surgery. We pray that the Surgeon will perform his finest surgery and that all will go smoothly. WE love this little guy soooo much and its clear he's loved by so many others just from those following his journey on our blog. Thank you all, it touches us deeply that people that have never met us or greyson can be so connected in the effort to love and bring this boy home as soon as possible.

love to all of you out there,


enjoy the pics...i've got hundreds more :) hehehe


jaborisch said...

I definately think you need to post ALL your pictures! He's such a cutie-patootie! I can't wait to see him again and to HOLD him! You three are in my prayers a lot and will continue to be. Can't wait to see you guys again :)

Anonymous said...

Andy and Leigh,
Just wanted you to know we are in love with your little boy. What a blessing he is and thank you for sharing him with us. you continue to be in our prayers daily and God is the greatest surgeon there is and he is holding on to Greyson every so tightly! Leigh, we are also praying for you as the emotions of a new mom can be that of a rollercoaster. Hang tight onto the Lord for he is good, and know that we are praying for you. Andy you have such a lovely way with word! Keep it up :)
All our love
Flo and Kristi Kremer (Gentry)

Meinhardt Family said...
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Meinhardt Family said...

I love your updates. You are a great story teller and this is an amazing story...I just want to keep reading. I've said it before, but Greyson is one lucky little bugger to have such terrific parents. The pictures are beautiful!

mken said...

Those eyes - are awesome!

Joanna and David said...

Aww! I'm so glad you got to hold him the way I know you've wanted to from day 1! He's so beautiful and cuddly what could be more wonderful. :) I'll say a special prayer for you 3 in the days to come. God bless.

Elisa said...

Those pictures are great! We'll look forward to more results of your paparazzi-style photo ops.