Monday, February 16, 2009

Leigh and Andy are back home...

But we are missing one key member of the family :( Yesterday LEigh was discharged from the hospital which was very bittersweet. Yes I could sleep in my own, soft bed, with soft sheets, and with a pillow that doesnt have a some weird "plasticy" stuff on it. But we had to leave our little guy on the third floor. It was tough, especially for Leigh. You kinda feel like horrible people and parents for leaving him while you go home and are comfy, but we realize this is where he's got to be.

So this morning we got up to make it here by his 9 o'clock feeding, and to our surprise he didnt have his feeding tube in anymore! Apparently he ripped it out over night, that a way Greyson, you tell them, you don't need no stinking feeding tube. And since then he's been sucking it down long neck style. He may have gotten that from his old man. :) A little off the topic, but somewhat related... I cracked open the beer I had brewed in honor of Greyson and WOW!!! Some of the tastiest brew i've made to date! I've got plenty so those who want to sample it we'll set a time when the big guys home.

Greyson seems to be doing good, and his back is healing well. We've noticed theres been limited movement in his legs, which is very understandable given the opening in his back. This was something I would seem to get hung up on prior to his birth. I just wanted my boy to be able to walk/run. It's funny how that really doesn't matter anymore to either Leigh or I. Yes it would be amazing if someday he could walk independently, but honestly my attitude has completely changed since i've met him. So what if needs some help getting around, he's PERFECT anyway!!!

Greyson has a head ultra sound tuesday morning, (this is typical) to measure his ventricles and see if the fluid around his brain is building up. They've been measuring his head the last couple days and the size of his head has increased slightly. Nothing out of the ordinary, but nevertheless an increase. Leigh and I are pretty much counting on the fact he'll need a shunt, and actually it might be easier to deal with if he has it while hes still in the hospital rather than taking him him and then having to come back. We pray that he'll continue to be a tough, brave little guy and handle it has well as he did his other surgery. But, I shouldnt get ahead of myself, it hasn't happen yet and Lord-willing it may not.

Greyson has also had a ton of visitors that we've all enjoyed. Thanks to everyone who has come and said hi, it means a lot!

It still blows me away that this little guy is ours. I honestly just start crying when i think about him, and I'm not even at risk for post-pardeum!!! haha But these are good tears my friends, great tears of JOY!!!

Love to all,

Leigh, Andy, Grey


Deb Mertz said...

Hi Leigh and Andy,

This is Deb- Emily's teaching "partner". I've been keeping tabs on your beautiful boy, and I'm so happy for you. I understand about leaving your baby behind. I had to leave my baby for a few days, too. It feels like your arms are aching because he should be there. Hang in there!
My prayer for your family is that the LORD will renew your strength; Greyson will soar on wings like eagles; he will run and not grow weary, he will walk and not be faint.
Blessing to you all!

April said...

These are some beautiful pictures of your beautiful baby. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Just wanted to let you know that I am following your blog, looking at your pictures every day. Y'all are going to be just fine....that baby boy is stronger than anyone realizes. You'll ALL pull through this. Hang in there!

Kristin said...

He is so beautiful...I can't wait to get to meet him in person. All the prayers paid off! We'll keep them coming. I haven't heard who he looks like though??? :)

Meinhardt Family said...

I love the update and the pictures. He's so adorable! You guys are still in my thoughts and prayers.