Saturday, February 28, 2009

The good little church boy.

So this evening we thought we'd give going to church with a small baby a shot and got ready for the 5:30 service at Ada Bible Church. We gave ourselves plenty of time to get ready and made sure the little guy had a belly full of food so he'd be happy, and off we went. My whole life it just drives me crazy when i hear a baby crying in church, and then hear the parent "shhhh...shhhhing" them as if they will really listen!!! Just take the baby out!! I'd yell to myself, feeling my temperature rising!! And so now I enter into that category of my life, the parent that bravely enters the sanctuary, child in hand, and with one mission...keep this little guy quite throughout the entire service. Sure I guess it be OK if he belted out a few crys during the opening worship songs, but i was banking on him being zonked out the entire service.

And so we found a seat, near the back, at the end of the aisle, easily accessible was the exit just in case. Trust me, I wasn't gonna be that guy with the baby crying his head off, and just sitting in my seat thinking he'd shut up eventually. I thought this one through. hehe.

Let me just say that when we finally settled in and sat down, Leigh holding greyson, me sipping on that wonderful church provided coffee, it was like the Gibbs family came full circle. Let me explain...
Last september, when we found out our little guy had SB it pretty much knocked me down to nothing. This was hurt I had never experienced before, and hurt I wont ever forget. But that September at Ada Bible was a series that spoke directly to Leigh and I, to the point that we thought our life was being "bugged" and used as an example every week during the teaching. The teacher spoke of "Detours" and how these were not simply found on our Michigan roadways (Michigan roads are horrible) but also show up in real life. A perfect example would be Leigh and I's situation with greyson. We're driving along going a little over the speed limit in my 88 caprice classic and then we want to start a family and Leigh becomes pregnant, and we keep going on the road all is good, life is amazing, and then we get to 131 Northbound and find out our little guy has something called spina bifida and it will Permanently effect him for the rest of his life... This is OUR DETOUR. So we reroute and find our way around...months and months of worrying, wondering, praying, crying, researching, crying, regrouping, and finally discovering hope, peace, comfort.
So this is how we have approached our Detour in life... WE've been re-routed, our plan has changed significantly, but our ultimate destination remains the same. WE still need to raise this little guy to be the strongest, smartest, kindest, most self-suffient man we can. So the goal, or destination hasn't changed, just how we get there.

So sitting in church holding our little greyson, (we'll maybe at that time we weren;t holding him, he is a popular boy these days) we were reminded of the Detour we were on and how it seems by just having greyson here with us we;ve in someway got back on the road headed north and are crusing with the windows down again. At least for a short while, we know other detours are ahead of us but we feel we've found our way again. oh and Greyson didn't make a peep in church, much to the delight of his old man. :)

love to all,

the Gibbs Crew.

PS sorry no pictures this time. I wasn't please with how todays shot turned out, its was the lighting or something. hehehe :)


jaborisch said...

You guys are awesome. Really, I hope you know what great parents you are, and that you are such an inspiration to many. Greyson is blessed to have you both as parents, just as you are blessed that God gave you one of his very special little. angels. He doesn't trust them with just anyone :)

Elisa said...

I thought of you guys when Jeff went back to the detours message. What a perfect sermon for your first time at church with Greyson. Maybe Jeff does have some kind of surveillance on you...or more likely, God has a plan for you and Greyson and Jeff is just one part of this plan.

Jessica said...

I am so glad you guys are doing well. I hope the ultrasound went well (I think it was today, right?). This post reminded me of Welcome to Holland, by Emily Perl Kingsley (