Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Perfect Valentine

That's right, we have the most perfect valentine...and his name is Greyson. Today was a GREAT day for the three of us! It started off with Andy and I going down to see him bright and early. We happened to be there at the same time his plastic surgeons were there. They were checking out his incision (which they say looks good) and were pressing on his back. Greyson DID NOT like this, seeing him cry and not being able to comfort him was very hard on his mommy and his nurse Kristen decided that today would be a good day to hold him!! That's right, today I got to "hold" my baby! They put a pillow on my lap and then placed him on top. It was the absolute best! Not only was it a good thing for me, but it also helped him. He was awake and content for quite awhile, looking at Andy and checking out the rest of the place.
He also got fed with a bottle today, that is a BIG step! If he can continue to eat just from a bottle, he can soon have his feeding tube and the IV that is in his belly button removed. We are hoping that this will be in a few days.
Andy and I have gotten pretty good at Greyson's "care time." This takes place every three hours and consists of changing his diaper, taking his temperature, and feeding him. We look forward to these times and have started to scheduled our day around them. Tomorrow I will be discharged and am not looking forward to it. Physically, I'm feeling much better but the thought of having to pack up and leave without our baby is not easy. We know that Greyson still has several more days to heal, and that this is where he needs to be. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and we will continue to update on how he is doing.

Love you all,
Leigh, Andy, and Greyson :)


MommaKathi said...

Wow! He looks great! I am so glad to hear that everything is going so well. Don't you just love that first time that you get to hold him? A great Valentine's day present!

Chad Kremer said...

man that lens is sweet.

good to see things are going so well.


mken said...

Good afternoon,
It's so amazing to see the love for your child in these images. Sounds like things are going well. Greyson is quite the handsome baby. Take care!

P.S. Andy we kind'a miss your sarcastic e-mails and comments.