Sunday, January 4, 2009

the count down has begun...

Happy New Year everyone!!! We are coming off an incredible holiday season and want to keep everyone posted as to how things are going with us and The Gibblet. So let's start with the Gibblet... He seems to be behaving pretty well these days and judging by Leigh's increased wearing of her "comfy pants" he seems to be getting bigger! :) In fact Leigh's belly has been showcased often throughout the holidiays and at Christmas gatherings. Although hesitant at times, I'd say the Gibblet performed well when a hand was placed on her belly. As far as the two of us, we've had an incredible holiday, and on a number of occasions we've said that we can't recall a better Christmas than the one we've just had. The time spent with friends and family just seemed more rich and meaningful. A direct result of the changes Leigh and I have experienced since this past fall.

However, at the moment we both feel a bit unprepared, anxious, etc. Not sure why really...but it kinda hit us both this evening. I think it's a normal feeling as the time of the g-man's arrival is less than a month away and it's becoming more and more real to us. Anyway, it was just a little hiccup in our continued journey to build faith and courage, and as I type this now am feeling much better.

In other news...Our friend's Nate and Emily are scheduled to have their little guy this tuesday Jan 6!!! We've been thinking and praying for them a lot this weekend. Please keep all of them in your prayers this week as we look forward to meeting baby boy Bush! On a number of occasions Leigh and I speak of how incredibly helpful it has been to have met the two of them. They have been a great support group and a nice addition to our spina bifida club :) hehehe! We can't wait for our little guys to meet.

love Andy and Leigh :)


Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys had a great holiday season! I remember having that same feeling. I panicked when my doctor said our little guy needed to get here 2 weeks before his due date (and I was convinced he would be late). I felt like he was safe in there and I could protect him. The scary stuff would happen when he got here (surgeries, doctors, hospital stays, etc.) and I wouldn't be able to protect him from that, or so my thought process went. Sixteen months later, though, all is well and it's hard to look at my precious boy and think that I was so scared of his arrival. I wish your family all of the peace and joy our Gage has brought us!

April said...

Leigh and Andy, I have been thinking about you and praying your you and your little guy. I love reading your posts and updates and hope you are doing well. Leigh you are so stinkin cute PG! I always knew you would be. PS are you on facebook? =) Love you! April