Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And in the corner...

...weighing in at 5lbs 11oz is OUR LITTLE GIBBLET!! That's right, we had our last ultrasound appointment with the high-risk doctor yesterday and the g-man is 5lbs 11ozs! We're hoping that by the 29th he will be close to 7 lbs! theres not much room for him in there these days, thus resulting in some cramped, expressions on his pudgy face. He was active during the appointment and we were pleased to see him moving all around! At this point his ventricles had stayed the same size, this is good! They measured 14 and 15 mm, still considered mild. While checking his heartbeat, which measured 140, they noticed there was a slight irregularity in the pattern of the beat. GREAT one more thing ... but the dr said this is very common in all babies and not to lose sleep over it. His heart looks fine and this was the first time that anything of the sort occurred. Leigh has an appointment next week with her regular dr and they will check it again. Should be something that fixes itself. Heck, i drink too much coffee and my heart beats irregularly!!! So continue to pray for the G-man...ohh and throw in a few prayers for Leigh and I. Our world as we know it, is about to change...and we're pretty geeked!

love Leigh and Andy


Karlee77 said...

Its amazing to see how on track our little ones are!!!! Who knows we may be planning a wedding for these two 25 years from now!:) Good luck to you two (soon to be 3!) you are in our prayers constantly!!!!!

Karlee & Scott

Susan M. Nelson said...

We are praying for you as the arrival of your little one gets closer. In Christ- The Nelsons