Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Visit to meet Carson!

Last night Leigh and I had the opportunity to visit our friends Nate and Emily and were delighted as they introduced us to their new little guy, Carson. Nate and Emily are the couple we met this fall who's baby also has spina bifida. So up we went to the NICU (the very place we will be staying in a few weeks) to meet the little guy. What a cutie!! We were very pleased that Nate and Emily could spend some time with us. As they fed Carson, we were able to discuss the whole process of how things unfolded the last couple of days for them. We were both very encouraged from the visit, it put a picture in our head of what it might be like and in reality didn't seem as scary as we have been thinking for months. But yes, Nate and Emily have assured us there will be moments of joy and moments of discouragement, but they kept stressing its SOOO much easier having the little guy with them. We seem to think thats how it'll be for us as well. So we continue to pray for little Carson as there are still a lot of unknowns but things look very encouraging at the moment. check out their blog if your curious.

In other Gibbs household news...our furnace is on the fritz! Perfect, right. As I type ,the thermostat reads a balmy 57. I'm bundled up in 3 sweatshirts and a winter hat. Leigh, however has welcomed the cool temps and has finally stopped sweating :) No worries though, we've got a guy coming out this afternoon to fix it.

In Gibblet news... We have our final ultrasound with the high risk doctor this tuesday. Please pray that The G-man is getting bigger and that no major changes have poped up. We look forward to seeing what he's up to in there. :)

love Leigh and Andy (+1)


Rural Felicity said...

It is sooooo true. Once your little G is here, so much of the worry and stress will dissipate. Of course, there still are things to deal with but with baby Here, it seems more manageable somehow. I look forward to reading of his arrival!

Mandy said...
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