Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"non-stress" test

So Leigh went in on tuesday to have a "non-stress test" to check on the G-man's heart. Funny how they call them Non-stress tests... because there was a fair amount of stress for both Leigh and I, prior to the appointment. However it looks like the irregularity in his heartbeat fixed itself because everything seems fine this time. So that was a nice small victory. We are praying we've got a few more of those small victories tucked away. :) Anyway, Both of us are doing well and "livin-it up" as much as we can before the Gibblet makes his debut!

love Andy and Leigh (+1)


Nate and Emily said...

Arn't those appointments just agonizing? what a relief! I'm glad he's doing well:) It's going to be pretty amazing when you get to meet him! Get ready to be changed forever.

Elisa said...

Small victories are worth an awful lot. Less than a week away! We're so excited for you.
-Elisa & David