Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My First Father's Day.

First off, look at the banner image... Does anyone remember the first time i took a picture of the G-Man on that chair... he was just a little squirt and had to rest his head on the armrest, not anymore! He's getting so big!!!

So its been a week or so since Father's day and haven't had a chance to share, so here goes.

That week, Leigh got Grey his first set of paints and paint brushes, However, the paintbrushes were not really used. Apparently Grey prefers to express his visual inspirations thru that of finger painting! and thats just what he did. He painted me two amazing paintings, paintings I will frame and keep for my entire life. These are by far more valuable than any other piece of art or design I own!!!

Here's a couple pictures of him working on this intense design solution!

And here's the final Masterpiece!

I still can't believe Leigh let him get all "dirty" with paint. I guess she knew I'd really like it! :) She was right. So after Grey gave me his paintings, we played for a while.

Later that day the family took uncle Jake's boat out and Grey had his first "swim" with daddy. I'm not sure what he thought about it, I still think he was a little self-conscious about the dorky life-jacket mommy made him wear. I think i heard him say something like, "Come on mom, this thing has a dorky turtle on it and my name's not Kent, why does it say Kent on here?"
Anyway, since his maiden voyage we've discovered he is a big fan of the water and even likes being dunked!

So after a busy Father's Day what else is there to do then to take a nap!

My First Father's Day was amazing and look forward to so many more!




Joanna and David said...

Oh my goodness! The first thing I said when I saw your new banner was "oh! remember the first picture of grey in that chair when he was so little?" - to myself mostly. :) And now look at him! Still little of course - but such a big boy at the same time. You should do a side by side comparison of the two pics. :) Happy belated Father's Day. I love the painting - way to go Leigh! :) I'm not sure when I'll be brave enough for paints...did he try to eat them? Jet's hands are always in his mouth so I could just see him eating the paint. lol. Take care!

Nate and Emily said...

Adorable! I love the photo of Grey smiling at his artwork!

Meinhardt Family said...

Love the paintings! He looks like he's grown up so much...so fast. I say it every time...but he's so cute!

heald family said...

I found your blog from Susan Nelson's. Your little Grey is so precious! Glad you had a great first father's day Cory says hi and wondered if you are still at Vox? Take care.


Leigh and Andy said...

Hey Anna, Crazy you found our blog!
Tell Cory I'm still the king of fusball at Vox!!! Hope all is well with the Healds!