Sunday, June 7, 2009

Motherly Instinct?

I guess it's that time again...time to update the banner image and showcase just how big Greyson's getting! Admittedly, we kinda set up the shot and kinda put his hands in his pockets. It was hard to resist!

I just wanted to share a quick story about Leigh and "Motherly Instinct". First off there is no doubt that Leigh possesses this thing that many refer to as motherly instinct. I knew that from day one. And truthfully, I'm very thankful for this type of "radar" moms seem to have, becasue I can guarantee there will be plenty of times when I'm clueless about some parenting issue and Leigh will swoop in and just know what to do. It's good to have that on your side. :) I've seen it come into play many times already in the first 4 months and am amazed. Here's the thing though, This weekend Leigh tried to use this "motherly Instinct" on something far from parenting. Let me explain:
Leigh, Grey and I are in the car going somewhere, I can't remember where, but as we often do when we see a car that we like, we typical say something like.
"ohh that'd be a nice car to have someday"
Well I just so happen to say this and made reference to some sort of Pontiac driving by us. Leigh almost disgustedly glanced at me and was like,
"Uahhh, are you serious? I don't like Pontiac's"

I kinda chuckled to myself and was looking forward to hearing her reasoning, of which I knew she had no "real" reason not to like a Pontiac. So I ask Why?
She responds saying,

"I can't really explain...(she pauses) it's just my Motherly Instinct"

Ohhhhhhh OK, that makes sense. Let's just say I'll ask Leigh to leave her Motherly Instinct at home when we do any future car shopping. HAHAHA

Other than that things are good with Grey! In about a week he'll return for a head ultra sound and another visit to the SB clinic. He's a very happy boy and we're getting pretty good at making him laugh!

love to all,

Andy, Leigh, and Greyson :)


Joanna and David said...

So adorable! I love the hands in my pockets "just chillin' pose." lol. The story on motherly instinct was very cute! Sounds very familiar as we too keep fantasizing about a new car. Oh well, one day at a time. :) I can't believe how big Grey is getting! So handsome. I go back and forth as to who he looks like, but I think he looks like Leigh in the banner pic. Sending you happy thoughts!

Sarah Hull said...

That is the most darling story and such a crack up! I am a huge fan of the mother's instinct. It's so real.

Your blog header might be the cutest picture I have ever seen. In fact, yesterday my sister came across your blog and told me last night how much she loves that picture too!

Just darling!

Sarah Hull said...

Leigh, SO glad to hear you are a FNL super fan as well. (I swear I don't watch a ton of TV, I just have a few favorites and FNL is #1 for me)!
SO, I got SUPER excited when I read your comment about two more seasons! I can't wait!