Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trip Up North

So this past weekend Grey made his first real "road trip". We all packed up and headed north with some friends to Boyne City. We weren't quite sure how the G-man would do, but figured when he fell asleep after traveling a full city block, we thought we might be in the clear for the full duration of the trip. Although when Leigh told him he had to ride in the backseat for over 3 hours this is how he looked at us. :)

As to say, "seriously..., you want me to ride in my car seat for how long?" hahaha He was a champ though, made it all the way to Boyne city and the minute the car stopped, he woke up and was ready to go!! (eat that is) :)
Anyway, the entire weekend was incredible, great weather, great friends, great place to stay (thanks tom and jess!) great food, just a really nice time to relax and get away. Grey seemed to have a good time as well. And guess what, he pretty much stole the show. Even when I ventured out on the water to rip it up wakeboarding...sure enough he was on the dock gettin all the attention. I mean, come on, I nearly pulled off a 360...look at me!!! hehe :)

so here's a few pics from the weekend.

This last photo just shows off our amazing parenting skills...when the little dude has to spit up, just hold him over the dock. :) haha.

Here's one more photo just cause i love his shirt and love my son!!!!


Sarah Hull said...

Oh what fun! It's so great to get away and have a little break. Glad to hear that Grey is the perfect traveling buddy! He is getting so big so fast and is SUCH a doll!

Susan M. Nelson said...

It was fun to see you today and meet Andy. It is always nice to see a friendly face. Thanks for your little note as well. See you next week!

Joanna and David said...

Yay for a successful road trip! I cannot imagine doing that right now with Jet, even though he seems to enjoy the car and sleeps through the trip. I just get so nervous still whenever we get him out - which isn't often. Oh well, baby steps. lol. Quick question - how do you change the font and size and position of your blog title? Mine only has a few choices and it's always right across the top of the picture in all caps. help. :)

gibbzee said...


Hey this is Andy. As far as changing the font and size of the banner...I'm not sure. I make the image in Photoshop and then upload the photo (with the type on the photo) to the blog. Sorry, no help there. :(