Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our "Not-So" Little Gibblet

First of all, look at the new banner image above. Isn't the little guy getting big!!! As much as Leigh and I love that image of grey resting on the lazyboy, we felt we gotta keep things up-to-date, and just happened to take a ton of great shots this weekend.

So like I said in the last post, Leigh was due back at work on thursday. And even with all the apprehension and tears, she did in fact go back. For all you working mothers, im sure you can relate to what Leigh was feeling, and I think it was even harder for her because the little guy was getting over his first runny nose, coughing cold. funny thing, grey gets through closure surgery at less than a day old, and brain surgery at three weeks old, with no problems...but a runny nose and cough and the little guy is miserable!!! No fun to have your child feel bad and this was the first time we had to deal with it. So anyway back to Leigh's first day, she made thru better than expected and in fact was pleased to see the girls (and DR Dan :) ) at the office. Sure it helped that Grey made an appearance at lunchtime and gave her the biggest smile of ALL TIME when she came to pick him up!! Next week will be even easier I'm sure :)

In other Grey related was mostly a rainy weekend in GR, MI, so what do you do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? well you have a impromptu photo shoot with the family!! it was great, we "cleaned up" the house and shot all kinds of fun shots. So we'll have plenty to share for future posts :)

this week proves to be a classic busy week for Leigh and grey. Grey has his monthly head ultra sound and checkup this Wednesday to check if his shunt is working properly. We pray everyday that it continues to function how it should. To our untrained eye, it appears it is, so lets just hope the doc confirms this!!

So lets send out prays for Grey this week that his appointments go well this week and we keep a steak of good appointments going strong!

love you all!

Gibbs crew!


Joanna and David said...

What a big boy!! :) Love the new pictures. The colors are so vibrant! What kind of camera do you have? One that captures those action spit up shots with no problem of course.

K. Lintjer said...

Wow...Grey looks AMAZING!!! he's getting chunky! I'm glad your first day back to work went well, don't worry it will get easier. I'm glad to see that you are all doing well. Amy and I miss you all very much. Hugs from Kristen

Joanna and David said...

Just had to tell you I just got the onesies Grey has on in these pictures at my baby shower. I recognized the blue "mommy and me" with the giraffe as soon as I opend it..I was like "hey that's Grey's outfit":) Our boys will be twins! :) hehe.