Monday, April 13, 2009

hi from grey

Mommy and Daddy said they've been busy lately and that I could write an update for them. I'm still learning this laptop (ughh, I usually work on Daddy's MAC, so forgive me if I mispel anything, im not used to this keyboard)

Anyway, I'm doing good! I had a nice Easter with my family. My cousin Parker found some Easter eggs for me, but mommy wouldn't let me eat any because I spit up most of my bottle.

I love my mommy and daddy.


PS I just learned how to upload photos, heres one of me on mommy's laptop and another of mommy holding me.


Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Gettin big and very aware =)

Jason & Rachel said...

LOVE the computer pic!! These kids are so tech-savy now days. :)

Debra said...

He's gotten more hair since I saw him last!

Meinhardt Family said...

Great post! That's hilarious of him at the computer. You'll have to get him his own little mini mac! He's such a natural at blogging.