Wednesday, April 1, 2009

7 weeks

So let me ask how this works...

How did the 7 weeks prior to Greyson's arrival seem like it took FOREVER!!! The waiting, the worrying, the excitement, the rescheduling, the waiting again. I swear that stretch of time was the longest and hardest to endure for Leigh and I.

OK, Now cut to today... 7 weeks since our little G-man made his debut and this thing called time, seems to be traveling at a very accelerated pace! Has anyone experienced this one? hehe :) I mean, WOW, it's like these past 7 weeks have been bunched up and have all blended together into what feels like a week. Our little man isn;t so little anymore. But he sure seems to be falling into that "Daddy's Not so scared he's gonna break him" size. In other words, I pretty much can't help myself from pickin the little guy up any chance i can! I love it!

So besides seeing our boy getting bigger before our eyes, we've also been busy with appointments. This week has been no different. Leighs usually the go-to-guy(girl) when it comes to getting grey to his doctors, but today, my schedule was such that i could join them for Grey's appointment with the neurosurgeon. So a part of me was happy that I could be there and support the two of them, but there was a part of me that kept recalling the previous visits to that same doctor. The latest, and still vivid in my memory was when we got the tough news that grey's vents were getting bigger and he needed the shunt. So needless to say, its not a real "fun" place to visit. However... Leigh and I had a good feeling about this visit. And I think the fact that we only had to wait 30 minutes to see the doctor even got us more pumped up!!! hahaha, isn;t it twisted that we were excited that he was only a half-hour late! but seriously this is unheard of when it comes to this guy. Anyway, the DR checked the incisions and his shunt settings and confirmed what we thought all along...that Grey was doing very well so far!!! So finally I walked out of that office smiling, and I hope we can continue this streak we've been on!

Grey goes back in a month to be checked out again, and like I said, let's keep this streak going! WE also got the results of his hip ultrasound early this week and it appears like they are where they need to be. So that's more good news! So lets give thanks and continue to pray for Grey as he's been doing so well lately, we ARE SO PROUD OF HIM!

love to you all,

Andy, Leigh, and Grey

P.S. We've been getting more and more smiles out of him. BEST THING EVER!!!


Joelynne said...

Andy & Leigh --
He's just BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to check this blog out every couple days and see the magnificent pictures of him!!

And you're right - time goes by faster than you can possibly imagine (it's already been a year and half since my little guy entered the world), so continue to soak up every second with your little man and keep up the good work of being such awesome parents!

Joanna and David said...

Yay for more pictures and good doctors appointments! I'm so glad to hear about them. :) You three are doing so so good! I can vouch for the time dragging before baby gets here...8 more weeks till my cesarian and its NOT flying by yet. :) But as long as he's growing and doing good in there I'm gonna be patient. Ya'll take care!

Melissa said...

Andy & Leigh~
What a beautiful little boy you have there! My mom clued me in to your blog last night while we were talking about my niece Whitney. I see that you also follow her blog. She is such a wonderful little girl and I couldn't ask for two better nieces than her and big sister Fiona, but I might just be a biased Aunt as well! LOL. As I read through all of your posts from the time that you found out that your Greyson had Spina Bifida up until today, I did so with a lot of smiles and some tears, also remembering the journey in the beginning with Whitney. It truly is amazing what God's Providence has done for all of us as believers!
I just wanted to leave you a quick note to say hello and to say thank you for sharing your gorgeous little boy with all of us as well. Take care!


Elise said...

I am Jessica McMorrow's sister and follow your blog closely. You guys are such an amazing testimony of faith. Thank you for sharing with us! We have a daughter Lilia who is 6 weeks tomorrow. You are so right...time has flown and we are turning the corner where she doesn't seem so little anymore. Keep up the blog, your little man is adorable! Check out our blog if you're interested!

Elise Chadwick

Meinhardt Family said...

Okay, Greyson is FREAKING adorable! He's got such big beautiful eyes.
Happy to hear the appointment went well. That's always so stressful at the beginning. I actually enjoy seeing my neuro these days. He's so the last time I was in he said Nellie was doing so great he didn't need to see her for 6 months. That's coming up in a few days and I'm actually looking forward to it.
Love the updates you guys post.