Friday, March 20, 2009

Time for an update...

It's been a few days since our last post and we figured that you may be wondering what was going on with our little guy. This week Greyson started with his weekly appointment of occupational therapy. He started off strong, impressing the therapist with his great eye contact and ability to track objects. However, midway through the session he got all tuckered out and fell asleep! Not to worry though, we will have these appointments every week! Greyson also had an appointment with his orthopedic doctor. His feet (especially the left) kind of curls inward. His physical therapist noticed this last week and wanted us to have it checked out. Well, the doctor agreed that there was a bit of a curve to the feet but nothing to worry about now. He wants to see him again in 6 months to check again. He also noticed that his hips were a little tight. Often times with spina bifida hips can be out of socket so he wants an ultrasound to see if that is the case with Greyson. He did say that as long as the hips are mobile (which Greyson's are) that physical therapy is the way to go. He doesn't like to do surgery for this and says that it shouldn't hinder him from walking one day if he is able. All in all, it was a good appointment.

It has been confirmed this week (written in the baby book) that he gave me a smile! It was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen! Pretty much all we do is sit around and try to bring out that smile! He continues to amaze us and really is so happy and alert. He has become a spitter, it doesn't bother him at all but I'm pretty sure that my laundry load has tripled!!!

This coming week is a busy one for Greyson. We have four appointments. We will see his OT, have his hip ultrasound, see the urologist, and meet with The Conductive Learning Center at Aquinas College. They specialize in helping kids with spina bifida and cerebral palsy. We are going next week to check it out and to see if they will be any help to Greyson.

So here I sit on a Friday night just watching Andy and Greyson "play" on the floor, and I realize that no matter how busy life gets with doctor and therapy appointments, I couldn't be luckier! Enjoy your weekend, as I'm sure we will be enjoying ours!! :)

Leigh (Andy and Grey)

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Joanna and David said...

So true. You are blessed with a beautiful baby and an awesome husband - you guys are an amazing family. Good luck at your appointments next week. I'm so glad they have gone well so far. :) Always love an update. How did you know who to take him to or what appointments to make? Do doctors just tell you those things when he's born cause I feel like I'll be clueless getting set up with all those different specialist and therapists. God bless you guys! Have a wonderful weekend. :)