Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello all!

Today grey's OT came to the house and she worked him hard. Hard enough for him to zonk out mid-way thru his "exercises". She showed Leigh some techniques to keep his legs limber and so we will continue to do these throughout the week. His legs are definitely getting chunkier, and it appears to LEigh and I that his right leg and foot is moving a little more. It's quite remarkable the joy and hope we receive by the simple bending of a knee, or the movement of a toe. In fact, as I write this Leigh just belted out "yeeeaahhhhh" Grey was moving his legs!!!

Speaking of moving legs...I've starting running again. It's about this time of year, usually while at a sports bar partaking in the viewing of a march madness game that i begin to think about training for the River bank run here in Grand Rapids. So this year was no different as I hit the pavement and began to train. However, what has been completely different for me is my motivation. Perhaps you know where I'm going with this... Yup, Greyson has already been such an inspiration in every part of my life, so it's not a big surprise that he's inspiring me to stick with my running. Funny how much we take these things (legs) for granted. We just go about our day walking, running, and occasionally skipping :) never thinking about how different our lives would be if we didn't have the complete use of our legs. So as one might imagine, I do think about how Grey's life will be and just how well he'll be able to get around and if he'll be able to walk someday.

So I run, (sometimes I walk, I'm not in really good shape yet) and on every single run I thank God for everything I have. Because, truthfully I am blessed, even though it didn't seem like that not too long ago. But I am. If you could measure the amount of love I have for LEigh and Grey and somehow store it and use it as an alternative fuel to run the next generation of SMART cars...We'll lets just say everyone would have a full tank of gas :) hehehehe So where was i going with this...oh yeah, I run. and when my legs hurt after running, I don't complain. And I don't think I will ever again.

love you all,

Andy, Leigh, Grey


Lacy said...

Isn't it awesome how our babies are teaching us the little things in life to be thankful for like a moving toe. :)

The Dugan's said...

I love this pictures! It's amazing the little things we thank God for!

K. Lintjer said...

Way To go Greyson!!

Elisa said...

Your blog updates always make me smile. I feel so blessed to witness your faith and love.

Joanna and David said...

What a wonderful outlook to have (and so true). I feel the same way- blessed because I no longer take for granted things I probably would have with a "normal" pregnancy. Every little bump and kick is a blessing. :) Keep up the good work Grey!

Sarah Hull said...

hi, I just came across your blog through another SB mom's blog. Sorry to be a lurker, but I just wanted to say a quick hello. We have a little girl with SB. She is five now and it sure has gone fast. The doctors said she would never walk (the day she was born the surgen came in and said it was worse than they thought and they didn't think she'd have much mobility), our first therapist said she'd probably never crawl... but with lots of PT and prayers... she walk with a walker! Lots of miracles.
It sure is a special experience being parents of these sweet kids.
Good luck to you. Please feel free to email or leave a comment on my blog with any questions you might have.
You're doing great! It just gets easier each year as they grow.