Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grey's Home!

Well we got out little boy back home where he belongs!!! Friday afternoon the neurosurgeon reviewed that mornings CAT scan and gave him another once-over and it was determined that the shunt was doing what it was supposed to. His ventricles were down and his soft spot on his head was clearly "less-puffy" even we noticed that right away.

So here's a quick plug for the kind of care we received at the NICU for 11 days compared to a single night at the PICU...and really you can't compare the two...AT ALL! We may have been spoiled at the NICU, but Leigh and I just had an uneasy feeling while we stayed at the PICU. At no point did we feel like the Doctors or nurses really knew what they were doing...and yes, im sure they did and grey was in good hands, but to us, the parents, they didnt do a good job of assuring us that our boy was in good hands. So anyway, that afternoon Grey was discharged and we were headin' home once again!

It's funny though, this time coming home we both felt a little more uneasy. I guess now we have all these new things to look for in the case that the shunt is not working properly, and frankly thats kinda scary. I think it's scary enough not really knowing how to take care of a newborn, but then you have a giant list of other things thrown into the mix and it just escalated our fears about taking care of him. So pretty much the first time he cried we immediately thought "oh great the shunts not working." That first evening was not easy on either of us as we felt overwhelmed and we clearly saw that greyson was acting differently than we'd ever seen him before. But then we thought, wait, he just had brain surgery, I guess he might be a little uncomfortable and crabby. can't blame the little guy, i now if i had brain surgery i'd be begging for for a handful of vicodin.

This morning Grey seemed a lot more like himself. Eating better, crying less, and giving us his cute little grins. This made us feel a lot better. And so today, although gloomy outside, it was a great day for the Gibbs house.

We all look forward to having a "normal" week and get in our new swing-of-things. Sure that includes 3 Dr appointments, but we take it one appointment at a time.

love and peace.

Andy, Leigh, Greyson


jaborisch said...

So glad you guys are home! I pray that everything gets easier for you two and little Greyson :)

K. Lintjer said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad that little Greyson only had to spend one night, and he is home where he belongs. Don't be scared, you know what to look for, you are both wonderful parents and will do everything possible for little Grey. He's very lucky to have you as parents! Oh and I'm glad that you liked us better...ha ha! Hugs to Greyson, Kristen

Joanna and David said...

I'm glad he's home! I think your absolutely right about Grey "just having brain surgery" making him a little fussy and different. Of course that would have an effect on him! I think you guys are doing remarkable! I feel uneasy about the whole thing just as someone who is headed that way so I can only imagine how you guys are. You're such an inspiration. Thank you, thank you for keeping us updated. I know you have so much on your mind so I appreciate you taking the time to write a note (I would be going crazy without news for more than a day! lol). God bless you and I hope the lovely spring weather this week makes those drives to the doctor a little sunnier and easier. Love to you all!

Nate and Emily said...

What a darling photo! I'm glad Grey is home again and right down the street:) Carson can't wait to meet him!

MommaKathi said...

I am glad to hear that Grey is back home. I remember the first night home with a shunt and that was 16 1/2 years ago. It was probably the scariest night of my life. Hang in there is gets much easier. My best advice for you now is to make sure you step up and take charge of his health care especially during hospital stays. Ask a million questions - they are all so used to it that they forget that the parents might be new to everything. Don't be afraid to ask question or to question what is being said or done. Yes, they might know what is best, but it also their job to explain to you why it is best.
Kathi in Holland