Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not exactly how i pictured my first hair cut.

That's what Grey would probably say, provided he could talk. Yup, the little guys head is gonna get "buzzed" but not really the buzz cut we had in mind. Tomorrow morning Greyson will go in for his shunt surgery and as scared as we were the other day, we seem to have it together this evening and are feeling strong. We have to be for Grey.

So a simple prayer tonight...May God's hands continue to hold Greyson as he undergoes his surgery. WE pray he's as tough as he was for his first surgery and will be home in time for the weekend.

A Big thanks to all for your encouraging words and prayers that last few days. Admittedly, we lost it for a while and were very discouraged by the news. it's like we took a few steps back in our faith that evening. It's funny how things always seem scarier in the evening, when your in bed and your mind races. But, time and time again things seem way more manageable when the sun comes up the next day. And, sure enough this morning was no different.


Andy, Leigh, and Greyson


Kim said...

Praying the surgery goes well. You have beautiful pictures!!!

jaborisch said...

Praying for you guys right now. Everything will be okay and this will be over before you know it! He's so darn cute, and I bet he's going to be extra cute with a buzz cut!

Rural Felicity said...

That fuzzy hair grows so fast! Grant had his first haircut the day he was born (ask for the hair, a nurse saved ours!), and it grew faster than the other side. :) Our neurosurgeon only would shave the side he was prepping, so he looked kinda goofy for awhile.

LOVE the pics of Greyson, esp the one on the couch. :)

Jessica said...

Praying for little Greyson and for you guys. Gage has a shunt and had a revision and EVD (so 4 shunt type surgeries total). The last time, I asked the neuro resident why they didn't just shave his whole head so it would at least be even. Amazingly enough, the hair over his shunt grew faster than everything else did! We said it's like the grass over a septic tank ;). Anyway, your little guy will do great.