Tuesday, October 7, 2008

U of M trip

4:15 AM is ungodly early.
This was confirmed by both Leigh and I this morning. Somehow we managed out of bed, into the car, and on our way to UofM hospital to have a consult with a genetics counselor and to have another round of ultrasounds. The reason being is if we plan to have the surgery at U of M this intial consult is required by them. So off we went, not knowing exactly what would come out if it, but we both prayed the news would not knock us down again, as we are currently in a better state of mind and finding peace in the situation.

So, what did we find out... overall, a lot of the same stuff, but were much more prepared to take in any new info they threw at us and were able to ask questions we had jotted down beforehand.

The ultrasound was very complete as they measured all his parts (yes even that one :)

So this is what we know:

1. the opening in the spine is at an L2-L3 level, not the best, but not the worst, right in the middle as far as mobility and other functions are concerned. Good chance he'll be able to walk with crutches and braces , but they said as he gets older, wheelchairs are often the easiest way to get around and keep pace with the world. W'ell cross that bridge when it arrives.

2. His legs and ankles appear straight and were moving all over! We know his legs will not be as strong as normal, but seeing this gave us Hope and we were encouraged!

3. It appears as the G-man is suffering only from spina bifida and not any other chromosonal abnormalites that can appear in instances like this.

4. Heart and everything else looks great and functioning properly.

5. getting up at 4:15AM makes us tired :)

So, overall we felt this trip was positive for us. It shed light on a few new things and we both feel like we can face this situation with Grace.

Thank you all for your love and prayers,

we love you,

Leigh and Andy


Rural Felicity said...

A great report and good amount of information. :) Reading your post puts me right back to when we were finding out information and sorting through an amazing amount of "stuff". It's overwhelming at times, but it is so good to have the information. It sounds like your little G-man is doing very well. :)

Steve and Roxy said...

That is great news! I pray for you daily!