Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting the G-Mans room ready

This past weekend we had some time to role up our sleeves and start on the little guy's room.
Painting is something I'm horrible at, I cant just stay in one spot, i have to move all over the room and start in this corner and then move to this wall, its really bad. So thats why I;ve been transfered to the taping crew. For some reason I'm great at this, and actually dont mind it. So thats how it worked, i taped, leigh, her sister and mom threw down the paint and it's looking pretty good. Mallory, our niece, acted as supervisor :)

Coming SOON... more pics of a more "finished" room.

No appointments this week, its been kinda nice. We have one next week tuesday and will keep you all posted on how things go.


Mandy said...

Along with pics of the room, I want to see pics of Leigh's bump!! Bring 'em on!!

raggedyandy said...

those painters look pretty clean, are you sure they were actually working? Glad to hear plans are progressing and you've found doctors you are comfortable with. I'm sure it will be much less stressful for all involved to have doctors nearby.