Saturday, October 11, 2008

APPT with DR Foody

It's been a while since we've posted and we had one other Dr's apointment last week that we'd like to chat about. It was with Dr Foody, a pedatric neurosurgeon at Spectrum Health. After giving us more in depth detail on what would happen after the G-man was born, we felt confident that he's the right Doctor for our little guy. So this is how things typically work out in a case like this...
Dr. Foody would like Leigh to have the first c-section of the morning (at around 37 weeks), and then that afternoon, he and a plastic surgeon will close the opening in his back. At this time, they may or may not know if a shunt is needed. If they are 100% sure that it is needed, they will do that during the same surgery. If they aren't sure, they will wait. Most likely it will be known in a few days if a shunt will be needed. 80-90% of all babies born with spina bifida end up needing a shunt. Overall, we both feel that having the surgery in GR will be whats best for the baby, having all his Doctors nearby will be what's best in the long run. We've heard excellent things about Dr. Foody and have full confidence in the decisions he will make and the surgery he will perform. Continue to pray for us as we get new information, as it is helpful to know, but at times can be overwhelming.

We get stronger everyday and are more at peace with the situation, please know that is from the prayers we have been receiving. keep it up!

andy and leigh


Elisa said...

I'm glad you could tell he was the right guy. I will pray for skilled hands and a successful surgery.

Rural Felicity said...

Grant was four hours old when he had his back closure and the shunt was placed right afterward. They both went very smoothly. I will send prayers that all goes well with your little guy.