Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Believe it or not the weather here in Michigan is finally beginning to look like spring. And to celebrate Grey's been playin. inside and out!

hahaha, Grey's trying to make the same face as his truck :)

So friday morning we are off to Florida!!!

We are all looking forward to taking some time off and just relaxing...ahhhh I can picture the beach right now. Hope Grey likes the beach, oh and airplanes :)

We'll be sure to post plenty of pics while on vacation. check back to see how vacation goes.

love to all,

the Gibbs'

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the move in

It's been a while since we've updated and a big reason for that is that we have been in the process of moving!!! Remember a few months back when we posted about how we incredibly sold our house in 4 days...we'll since then we found, closed and have moved into our new home!

Here's grey helping load things up.

We've been in our house for almost 2 weeks now and its starting to feel like home. At first we kinda felt like visitors in a new place. But as we started to unpack and get our own stuff in place, it quickly turned into home. :) We are very excited and blessed to have found such a perfect place for our family.

within A few days we had a swing up for Grey and he has been obsessed ever since. snow or sun, this kid loves to swing!!!

Grey has adjusted well to the new place. Here he is doing what he does...playing and stuff.

So things are going well at the Gibbs house (the new one) and we are all very excited for spring!
oh yeah, i had a birthday thrown in there too...29, here's to the last year of my twenties!!!

Grey and the Birthday boy.

love to all,

Andy, Leigh, Grey

Thursday, March 11, 2010

revision free

The other day Leigh asked me what the date was (we both lose track of days amongst the chaos of our lives right now) and I glanced at my phone and said it was the 5th of March. She say's "wow it's been a year since Grey had his shunt surgery."

I responded by thinking the same thing...Wow it's been a year already. A year with no revisions, complications, or emergency visits to the doctor. Oh, make no mistake there were plenty of those "Do you think it's his shunt" moments sprinkled throughout the year, but thankfully it never was. I pray every day his shunt will keep working like it is.

I'm not much for taking stock in statistics, especially after Grey was that 1 baby out of 1,000 that is born with spina bifida. Nope, Grey's not a stat or a percentage. Anyway, I do remember our neurosurgeon say something like 50% of kids with shunts need a revisions the first year.

Thata Boy GREY!!!

Here's to many, many more revision-free years!

This is Grey looking and being smart. :)

love to all,


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grey's (and Leigh's) TV debut

I can't believe it's taken us this long to post this on here (oh wait I remember.. life has been crazy lately!) But for those of you that haven't seen this already Leigh and Grey were featured in a local news story about the Conductive Learning Center. Leigh's mentioned the CLC before and it's a wonderful place that is doing amazing things for a lot of great kids!

Check out the g-man as he makes his tv debut. And yes thats his buddy Carson and his mom Emily also making an appearance!!


more Gibbs family updates soon :)



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Weekend part 2

So after the first Big Party we did it all over again the next day. This time it was at my folks house (Thanks for hosting Mom and Dad) :) and Grey had a blast!

Here he is before the festivities even begin. It's like he knows that there's cake behind him.

I think he caught on when we started singing...

and then it was on. He knew what we was getting into!

hahaha look at his hands.

Aunty Em made Grey some really cool hand puppets. As you can see Grey liked them so much...he had to eat them, naturally. :)


The Gibbs'

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend part 1

Wow it's been a busy week and I've been meaning to get some photos up from Grey's 1st Birthday Extravaganza a lot sooner...but no luck. Got some time, got some photos, time to share.

Last friday started with a good old fashion Birthday Pancake breakfast. I was wielding the batter and did my best at attempting to make a "1" pancake for Grey. Seems easy enough, results were mixed. I thought it turned out reasonable.

The important thing was that Grey enjoyed them :)

Sadly i had to go to work and couldn't spend the whole day with my birthday boy. But mommy did, and they had a good time. Here are a few pics of grey hanging out during the day. Note the wild hair...he's crazy!

That evening the 3 of us went out to eat at our favorite local mexican restaurant (the L) and had a wonderful time together as a family. Grey loves bean burritos :) So Grey's actual birthday was pretty lo-key...only to intensify the next 2 days! That's right Grey had two big events planned that weekend. The first was at Grandma and Grandpa Neal's house and things got started off right when Grey got a 4-wheeler!!!

Here he is all decked out in the proper birthday attire.

The event was wonderful. So many friends and family came to celebrate and share this big moment with us. It was a big year and each and everyone of you played and even Bigger role in our family's life. We thank you all very much for loving and showing support for Grey throughout the last year!

and then there was cake.

Grey wasn't exactly sure about the whole cake thing. Here he is when we first gave it to him. Not exactly wild about it.

but it only took a few tastes and he was hooked!

He had a blast and we had a blast. It was really a lot of fun. Turns out a big exciting party and a belly full of birthday cake leads to a great nap for the little guy. Leigh and I also needed a nap...to get ready to do it all over again the next day! exhausting!

love Andy, Leigh, Grey