Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the move in

It's been a while since we've updated and a big reason for that is that we have been in the process of moving!!! Remember a few months back when we posted about how we incredibly sold our house in 4 days...we'll since then we found, closed and have moved into our new home!

Here's grey helping load things up.

We've been in our house for almost 2 weeks now and its starting to feel like home. At first we kinda felt like visitors in a new place. But as we started to unpack and get our own stuff in place, it quickly turned into home. :) We are very excited and blessed to have found such a perfect place for our family.

within A few days we had a swing up for Grey and he has been obsessed ever since. snow or sun, this kid loves to swing!!!

Grey has adjusted well to the new place. Here he is doing what he does...playing and stuff.

So things are going well at the Gibbs house (the new one) and we are all very excited for spring!
oh yeah, i had a birthday thrown in there too...29, here's to the last year of my twenties!!!

Grey and the Birthday boy.

love to all,

Andy, Leigh, Grey


Scasmflops said...


Joanna and David said...

Love the swing! Jet needs one of those - he's just starting liking the swing at the park. :) Glad you guys are all settled now!

Michelle said...

can't wait to see your house!!

April said...

Awwww little Parker is such a good helper. Where are your new digs??? I friggen LOVE that pic of Leigh and Grey!!!

Dill Family said...

Look at him sitting so tall with a toy in each hand! I'm looking forward to the day Jonathan can play so freely!:)