Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Weekend part 2

So after the first Big Party we did it all over again the next day. This time it was at my folks house (Thanks for hosting Mom and Dad) :) and Grey had a blast!

Here he is before the festivities even begin. It's like he knows that there's cake behind him.

I think he caught on when we started singing...

and then it was on. He knew what we was getting into!

hahaha look at his hands.

Aunty Em made Grey some really cool hand puppets. As you can see Grey liked them so much...he had to eat them, naturally. :)


The Gibbs'


Joanna and David said...

Oh my goodness so cute! What a little wildman! I'm usually not a fan of cake-face pictures but Grey is totally an exception! I'm won over! I might go smash a cake in Jet's face right now! lol. I LOVE THE PUPPETS! How creative! I'm putting in a request with Aunt Em! :)

Nate and Emily said...

He is so happy! Adorable! Leigh, I think you need to bring chocolate cake to the conductive learning center every wed morning. That way when he gets upset you can just toss him a cupcake:)

Holli (and Mark) said...

so so cute, he is such a happy little boy!!! thanks for sharing, always makes me smile!!!!

Meinhardt Family said...

Alright, I can't take his cuteness anymore. That kid just blows my mind with his ADORABLENESS! Happy birthday Grey. One day we'll meet and I'll smother you with kisses and cheek pinches you adorable little gibblet you!

The videos are great! I love how he keeps reaching for that cake before the song is over. Nellie's reaction was completely the opposite on her birthday. She just sat there with this look on her face like, "what the fuc$ is wrong with you people!". She wouldn't touch the cake...didn't like the feeling of it on her hands. I was impressed watching Grey dig in.

Summers Family said...

Oh I love those cake pictures! Glad Grey's birthday was so special!