Thursday, March 11, 2010

revision free

The other day Leigh asked me what the date was (we both lose track of days amongst the chaos of our lives right now) and I glanced at my phone and said it was the 5th of March. She say's "wow it's been a year since Grey had his shunt surgery."

I responded by thinking the same thing...Wow it's been a year already. A year with no revisions, complications, or emergency visits to the doctor. Oh, make no mistake there were plenty of those "Do you think it's his shunt" moments sprinkled throughout the year, but thankfully it never was. I pray every day his shunt will keep working like it is.

I'm not much for taking stock in statistics, especially after Grey was that 1 baby out of 1,000 that is born with spina bifida. Nope, Grey's not a stat or a percentage. Anyway, I do remember our neurosurgeon say something like 50% of kids with shunts need a revisions the first year.

Thata Boy GREY!!!

Here's to many, many more revision-free years!

This is Grey looking and being smart. :)

love to all,



Jill said...

Congrats! That's awesome!

Joanna and David said...

So Awesome! We are praying Jet will follow in his buddy's footsteps! It's only been four months since Jet's shunt entered our lives but I count my blessings that we've been out of the hospital since. Yay Grey!! Keep being our shinning star!

Mariann said...

that is a wonderful milestone -- Jack has been revision-free, too, which I forgot to celebrate, since Woody has had two :(. Great news for Greyson.

Sarah Hull said...

That is so awesome and so huge!!! Yay for Great!!!
I felt like the first year was the scariest. Now we'll go for long periods of time forgetting Katie even has a shunt!

Momma Reekie said...

What a great story, and a wonderful thing to celebrate.
We know those, "Is it his shunt?" feelings so well too.

Way to go Grey!!

Michelle said...

that is so great!!!! Yay little buddy!