Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My 3 year old...

A few people have asked me what Grey is up to now that he is 3, so I thought I'd write a blog post all about it! :)

He can...
count to 50
count backwards from 10-0
knows all of his letters and the sounds that they each make
with help, starting to sound out easy 3-4 letter words
knows all of his shapes (even crazy ones that I barely know) and how many sides they each have
can spell his name (first and last)
knows where Michigan is on a map

I am just so amazed by this kid every single day. When we were told that he had spina bifida, we were immediately told that he would have brain damage and would be cognitively delayed...He is constantly proving them wrong. :) Take That Spina Bifida!!

He is loving school more and more everyday (and he has always loved it, so that is saying a lot!) He has always talked his teachers' ear off, but he is finally starting to talk with his classmates more and more. He joins in when they are doing a song with motions (this is new), and will now play with his friends. I just love peeking in on him when I pick him up...he is always having such a great time and makes my worrying heart feel such peace and happiness. I pray that he always loves school as much as he loves it right now.

Lately he has been saying some pretty hilarious things. Just tonight at dinner he said "I'm sorry I can't give you a second wish, mommy." Huh?!? I have NO idea where he got that!!

Here are a few more of his most favorite sayings...

"I'm sorry I scared you, mommy" this one is said all. day. long. Just randomly throughout the day. Pretty sure that came from a Mickey episode

"I sure can!"

"I sure did!" Both said VERY confidently and loud!

"what's wrong with this picture?" this is another one that he just says out of the blue...not idea why.

and the best...

I was pointing to a little bump on his thigh and asked him what it was. his response..."that must be my shunt!!"

Hope you all are happy and healthy!!



Colleen said...

He is SOOOO smart!!

lynne said...

Amazing, Leigh & Andy -- Jordan is 4 1/2 and cannot do all the things you listed.....cognitively impaired, my foot!! ;0]

krousehouse said...

He is amazingly smart! Take that Spina Bifida, indeed!

Our family said...

Love it all!!! He is sooo smart :)

ktmae said...

Hi Leigh! I love your blog and your new post! I can just picture Grey saying those things. Remember when I told him that he didn't want to hit the big monster and he said "oh I sure do!" So funny. Oh and you know about Reece's Rainbow? My sister was a 555 warrior for a little guy named Alex who is being adopted. Love it! Hope you guys are doing well!

Katie Campbell
-Liz's old PT student :)

Jamie said...

He is amazing!

Jill said...