Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grey's 3rd Birthday

Wow! It's been 3 years.
3 years since I peaked over the big blue sheet and saw my baby boy for the first time...I remember it almost moment for moment. what a blessing!
Leigh and I often play a game where we look at the date, open iPhoto, and then say "What did grey look like 1 year ago, 2 years ago", and now we can say 3 years ago. It's crazy to see how much he's grown up, and really fun to "go back in time" and re live those times we had with him.

So lets play...

it's February 16, 2012

what happened 3 years ago today?

He was still in the NICU, recovering, getting stronger everyday.

what happened 2 years ago today?
He has being silly wearing my hat.

what happened 1 year ago today?
He was lovin life!

Ok so i dont have a picture of him today, February 16, 2012 but lets's some pics from his birthday weeekend!
Greys birthday breakfast. Oh by the way, he loves Mickey Mouse these days,
Um, yeah, those are Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Our big 3 year old!

Just being silly!

Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake. (we still have leftovers of that thing)

WE asked Grey for weeks what he wanted for his birthday...Cake, thats all he wanted. And boy did he love it!

Here's Grey's "stool" that Grandpa Gibbs made for him. this week he's loved using it to help with the dishes and "cook with mommy" it's such a great piece of furniture to have in the house! Thanks pops!
And after a long day filled with cake and presents, its time for a rest with mommy.

Here's short clip of us singing Happy Birthday to him, Man, he loved it this year.

love to all,

Andy, Leigh, Grey


Meinhardt Family said...

Happy birthday Grey! You are growing up so fast and are such a handsome boy!!! Although we've never met, the meinhardts really do love you! Party like a rock star!

krousehouse said...

I love Grey's stool! Grandpa Gibbs makes some cool stuff. Grey, really your whole family, is still an inspiration to me - I will never forget the hope I felt looking at his sweet face right after Charlie was diagnosed. I feel that same hope when I look at him today!

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!! Those photos brought back such sweet memories - and you just keep making more and more! You are such a wonderful little boy. 3 years old and just as amazing and handsome as ever! xoxoxo from our family to YOU!!

Jamie said...

Love the photos, and what a cool cake! Happy 3rd birthday, amazing boy!

Our family said...

We loved all the pictures!!! We still can't believe you're three. In just a few short weeks we will finally meet...SO EXCITED!!!
Happy Birthday to one of the cutest three year old boys we know!
Angie, Chad, Oliver and Palmer

laura said...

Happy Birthday Grey!

The Dugan's said...

He's grown up so fast!!! My favorite picture of him ever was as a baby in that same chair where he's sitting holding the 3. Sounds like he had a great birthday!!!

k orr said...

Oh I'm just crying and crying. Tears of joy of course... well that and I miss you guys. 3 years old... Our boys all turn 3 this year... AAAHHHH Unbelievable. Love you guys. Pray and think about you so often. Love that stool. So proud of him standing up like that> TTSB.