Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here fishy, fishy

It was this time last year when we got Grey a few goldfish for his 2nd birthday. Surprisingly, we are pleased to announce that 2/3 of those fish are still with us today. Amazing really. Well anyway, i think we were a year off in the gift, because Grey couldn't care less about those fish when he got em, but now all of sudden he has a huge interest in them and always wants to feed them. Here's just a few pictures of him taking care of his "friends".

i think here he's trying to make a fish face...not bad.

Well, here's to the still nameless fish...may they be here again this time next year!


Andy, Leigh, Grey (and his fish)



krousehouse said...

He is so cute but becoming more handsome, like a boy instead of a baby, every day.

Stephanie said...

When did he get so big? I've been thinking of getting Nate some fish. You just may have convinced me. :)

Kendall said...

Grey's fish have lasted a year because everyone ignored them for the last 12 months now that Grey "likes" them he'll probably start bugging them and they will go down hill pretty fast want me to bring NEW ones to the birthday party? Love the pictures

Meinhardt Family said...

So sweet! I really can't believe how much older Grey is looking. He's becoming a little boy.
Are you guys thinking of going to conference this summer? I think we are going to try and make it. I grew up in Indy and still have family/friends there so it's an ideal spot for me...plus, not far from Chicago. I hope we can all meet up!

Anonymous said...

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Jamie said...

Adorable!! I got roped in to a fish too... too fun!

Joanna said...

Haha! The "nameless fish". Oh my. I'm thinking Jet needs some fish buddies this year!