Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to "School"

I'll always remember that feeling i would get around mid-to-late August every year. The Back-to-school ads would pop up more and more and I would become heartbroken...because summer was coming to an end, and school was around the corner. I remember the first time post-school, when i had graduated and somehow found a job soon after and that summer turned to fall... I had to convince myself that "hey wait, im done with school, no more of this, I can enjoy this time of year" And that's what I've been doing every since.

So wait where was I going with this...Oh yeah, School. Thankfully I'm done and there's been several occasions I've turned to Leigh and have mentioned how glad I am to be out of school. haha (sorry to rub it in for those still studying, keep up the hard work :) hehehe. Anyway, what i was getting at is that our little Grey starts his version of School next week. After having the summer "off" (not really, Leigh pushes him hard during the day) Grey will resume his Physical therapy. Tuesdays he'll be at the conductive Learning Center, Wednesdays he'll start a new class for babies, Fridays PT comes to the house. And Leigh just informed me that she will be signing Grey up for a swimming class!!! Wow, this kids gonna be busy! But this busy is a "good busy." We've already have seen results of working hard with him. It's truly amazing to see Grey hit these milestones as any other "typical" baby would. We're just really proud of him!!!

Remember how I said I've been enjoying the fall...we'll here's a few pictures of us doing just that!

Grey just being cute.

Love you Mommy!

Kisses for mommy.

Love you daddy

"Here Dad, let me fix your hair"

love you all,

Andy, Leigh, Grey


SimmonsFamily said...

I just love your blog... I found it through the Sb connection website. I am due in Dec with a SB baby- my 4th baby, and I love keeping up with the families who are really having a great time with their kiddos.

Mariann said...

you really should be proud. It sounds like greyson is doing wonderful! I wish I had the time for or the access to such wonderful activities. Keep that little cutie busy and active-- that's what it's all about.

Meinhardt Family said...

Oh my, he is adorable! I love the pics. The ones of mommy and grey are precious and will be great memories when he is 18 and toting off to college this time of year! Aye, yay, yay...

Holli (and Mark) said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet little one with us, its amazing watching him grow. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was looking at your blog and photos of when he was first born, where does the time go? Glad to hear he continues to do sooo well, and what a handsome little guy!!!! Take care!