Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Halloween...a few months late

I have a feeling every year we're gonna have to "up-the-ante" with Grey's costume. How can we incorporate his wheelchair into the coolest costume ever!!! We'll this year we went with a classic... a cowboy and his horse. I give Leigh all the credit on this one. I may have cut a few pieces of cardboard here and there, but she was the mastermind behind it all. and I think it turned out awesome!

Halloween was cold this year, and we just beat the rain. but Grey had a great time with some of his other cowgirl cousins! 

Oh and we did that other Halloween stuff too, like carving pumpkins...

Happy Halloween/New Years!

love, the Gibbs'

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Leigh! An acquaintance passed along your blog info as a source of encouragement for my husband and I. Our son, Finn, was also born with SB (L4/L5, VP shunt) and is almost one year old! He was born Feb 27th of last year. We've looked through a few posts, the cute snowman videos and read Grey's story, tears dripping as we were amazed at the similarity of our stories. Finn's cousin is even named Ev (Everett). Please check out my blog, www.ourinvinciblesummers.wordpress.com and see Finn's story. We are so thankful to find another "normal" family with an extraordinary little man. Greyson is adorable and smart and we hope Finn looks just like him in a couple years. Much love and heartfelt thanks for sharing your story so parents like us can find hope in the dark moments of this beautiful journey.
Ashley and Joey Armstrong