Monday, May 31, 2010

Grey is an animal

Well yesterday uncle jim and aunty em treated us to a trip to the zoo. Thanks again for bidding on those tickets at the fundraiser auction...worked out pretty good for everyone involved :) Anyway, it was a beautiful day to get out and check out the animals with the family. Turns out Grey was not exactly as pumped as uncle jim was to go to the zoo. Here he is on the way there...not too enthused.
But then when we got there, he was pretty happy!
That happiness soon faded when i pulled an "aunt pat" and wanted to get a picture of the three of us in front of the famous John Ball Statue. Just like my aunt Pat would do to us cousins every time we'd go anywhere!!! (love you for it though aunt Pat :) Here's the family, and what appears to be John Ball kissing my wifes head. hands off buddy

Grey was pretty happy as he entered the zoo stopping off and checking out the alligators, he was making his funny little noises he makes when he sees dogs and was quite content...untill we entered the aquarium...

this is when things went south...

we thought he might like the petting zoo...nope, hated it.

but wait... he kinda liked it.

We then made our way thru the zoo, and it was pretty cool. in fact heres a bear that was acting pretty cool!

So out of all the incredibly great animals that were there to view, Grey seemed the most excited with the drinking fountain...oh well. :)

oh but wait... now it was time to go and look how happy he is!!! rascal!

thanks again aunty em and uncle jimmy!

great times :)

love Andy, Leigh, & Grey


amberWIRE said...

I can't believe how blonde his hair is!! He is too cute!

Kari said...

kissing the head picture made me laugh. loved it!!

Katie at A List Maker's Life said...

love, love your new header! adorable!

Susan M. Nelson said...

The new huge picture is fantastically frame-able!