Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Everyone's Invited!!!

We just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a fundraising event we are planning. Leigh and Emily (Carson's mom) have planed an event at a local Italian restaurant here in the Grand Rapids area. It's purpose: to help raise awareness and funds for those living with spina bifida. And somewhat more specifically to raise money for our local SB chapter to help family's go to this years SB conference in Cincinnati. We'll be there, any other SB families out there going?

Anyway, I've been really proud of Leigh for the work she's done so far, along with the responses she's received and the willingness of those out there to help. Sure it might have helped that she dropped into the envelope the cutest possible photo of Greyson when she sent out donation request letters. :) hehehe But we thank everyone that has already helped out.

Here's the invitation we sent.

(click to enlarge)
Feel free to spread the word.

oh and here's a new pic of Grey.

love to all,

the gibbs'

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Scasmflops said...

What a great event!! I will be praying it goes well.