Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grey...the elf on the shelf

Yesterday, I was able to jet out of work for a bit and watch the Conductive Learning Center's production of "Elf on the Shelf" When I got there I was handed a program and as I looked it over I saw our very own Gibblet's name as "Elf to be named." Yep, Grey had a part, albeit a small part, they still included him in their Christmas program. :) I thought that was pretty cool! If you've ever been to any kids productions of anything, it usually is just a mass of craziness, crying kids, and a lot of waving to parents. And for that reason I love these things. For years I've always enjoyed watching my nieces and nephew in the church Christmas programs, anticipating/placing bets on which kid will cause the biggest ruckus! I love it! Yesterday's performance didn't disappoint.

Here's a picture of Grey and Mommy before his big part. Cool costume huh?

Then it was time for Grey do do his thing...which happened to be to shake his head back and forth. It's kind of his latest trick. (soon to come video of him doing this :) The funny thing is it related to the Elf Christmas story that the kids were telling. So funny!

Finally after the program was finished, guess who came to visit? Grey was pretty excited!!!

Happy Holidays

The Gibbs'

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Sarah Hull said...

Darling! I love the title of the play it had me laughing. Grey might just be the cutest little Elf I have ever seen!