Monday, November 9, 2009

Swim Class

For the past 4 weeks, Leigh has been "swimming" with Grey at Swim Class. When Leigh signed him up for these classes I thought it be fun for both of them, and especially for Grey. Swimming is a wonderful activity for anyone, but we've researched aqua therapy and can be a great form of Physical therapy for SB kids. However, this class wasn't part of therapy, but rather just a beginning swim class for babies held at a local fitness center. Nevertheless, if it got Grey to use his hips and legs a little more, than it be totally worth it!

I remember after the second or third class I asked Leigh if she told the instructor about Grey. It's still kind of a funny/awkward/weird conversation to bring up to someone that has never met Grey before. And to be honest the topic doesn't come up that often at the moment, because at nine months (arghhhh he's already 9 months) Grey looks and acts like any other typical baby. But I have a habit of getting ahead of myself and look to the future. The comments will come up, I know they will. I guess it's how we respond to them that will be crucial, and how we teach Grey to be confident in himself and be able to answer any ignorant question that may come his way. Anyway, where was I going with this... Oh yes, Leigh was in the pool with Grey doing their thing when the instructor comes up to the both of them and says,
"Come on Grey kick your kickers!"
I guess Leigh thought that was the best time to bring up the topic :) haha
And she simply responded by explaining that "Yeah, about his kickers... He might not be so good at that part of swimming, you see he has Spina Bifida and his legs aren't as strong." The instructor responded almost too gleefly, "OH OK, Great. That's fine." like she had no idea what Leigh was talking about. haha. But, really can't blame her. A little more than a year ago we wouldn't have had any idea what spina bifida really was. So I guess this is where we start learning how to perfect our delivery, how we inform others and build up people like Grey at the same time.

Back to the whole swimming thing...Grey's not a huge fan of going under water yet, Leigh informs me he's getting better at it so I had to see for myself. Last week I scooted out of work for a while and brought a camera. I'm pretty sure I embarrassed Leigh big time as a walk in from the locker room, winter jacket on, glasses all steamed up, holding a giant camera and lens from work. haha. But oh well, I got a few good pics of our little mer-man!

Grey deosn't always like to "reach and pull" :)

Grey training for the 2028 Olympics! Oh and look there's his relay partner Carson to the right!

love Andy, Leigh and Grey


Joanna and David said...

Good for you guys! That sounds like a great idea for Grey - and he looks so big in the swimming pool! It's wonderful he is getting every opportunity you can think of. :) He is lucky to have such proactive parents. Love to you all!

Sarah Hull said...

first off Grey is the cutest little swimmer i have ever seen! My goodness!
Second, I had to laugh at the swim instructors comment! I can't tell you how many "OH, O.k., well, then..." comments we've had. Or the "deer in the headlight" look when you overwhelm them with all the SB information all at once (like school teachers)!!

You guys are awesome!!

Meinhardt Family said...

I love aqua therapy. Nellie starts back up tomorrow and I can't wait. We go for 6 weeks and then have 6 weeks off. Her therapy is in a therapy pool...91 glorious degrees!!! It's like stepping into a bath. When she is off for 6 weeks we go to our bitterly cold community pool to stay active. I really like the therapy pool!

I'm glad Grey is doing so well in there. It's so great for our kiddos. Not too mention, he is so freaking cute in the pool!!!

Anonymous said...

i am so glad i found you guys.

in november/december 2008, i didn't
gain any weight so the doc made me
get another ultrasound (even though
i'd been puking since june and had only
gained about 4 lbs. by that point).
we found out our baby didn't have
kidneys.. and got shipped off to the
university hospital and then childrens
hospital and i remember being told
"this is not what we want to see."

our son was born february 25th
with one kidney and he has done
beautifully. he is very healthy.

my husband and i met when we
were working with a disabilities
ministry. we're both nurses.

don't let any doctor tell you what
grey can or cannot do or what he
will or won't be capable of.

we know so many kids and adults
with SB who are doing amazing
things physically.

it is AWESOME that you're putting
him in things and doing everything
with him that any "normal"
baby would. he is lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

P.S. he is adorable.
really love his eyes!