Monday, November 30, 2009

The Conductive Learning Center...

I know that we have mentioned the Conductive Learning Center in a few other posts, but I thought that it was time to really explain what it was. Usually I take Grey there once a week for physical therapy...BUT...for the first three weeks in December we will be going there for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. Yowza!! I'm a bit nervous to say the least, but Grey is learning so fast right now, and doing so well, that now is the perfect time! We give much credit to the CLC for all Grey has accomplished up to this point.

What Is Conductive Education?
Conductive education is an intensive, multi-disciplinary approach to education, training and development for individuals with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other motor challenges.
Developed in 1945 in Hungary by Dr. Andras Peto, conductive education is based on the theory that the central nervous system has the capacity to form new neural connections, despite neurological damage. By repeating tasks and integrating intentional movement with learning, the brain creates alternate paths to send messages to muscle groups, creating the desired movements. Through this, a child can gain movement and skills, and achieve greater levels of independence. The critical element of conductive education is the integration of motor-skill development with cognitive and emotional-skill development within a group setting. Most children with motor challenges do not learn exactly the same way as their peers. Conductive education helps these students build their cognitive skills and helps them learn to use alternate strategies to learn. This total approach to learning and training targets children under the age of six, when the potential for impact is greatest, and when they can be prepared for the traditional classroom.
We feel so blessed to live in Grand Rapids because the Conductive Learning Center in Grand Rapids operates the only program in North America that is directed and supervised by the International Peto Institute of Conductive Education in Budapest, Hungary. Program Director Andrea Benyovszky has been the Peto- assigned conductor for the past four years. She coordinates the scheduling of the additional Peto Institute conductors, who travel to Grand Rapids to deliver the conductive education program.

Wow...that was a lot of info to take in, but I hope that you get the idea! :) Here is the latest video that they made for their annual dinner/fundraiser (take note of the cutie in the superman t shirt!)

Here are some photos of what we work on while we are there...

Right now Grey doesn't bear much weight, we are working on getting him to stand with his knees straight

We also work on kneeling: going from low kneeling to high kneeling he is getting pretty good at this!!

again, kneeling can't practice too much. :)

We also work on sitting with a straight back and feet planted on the floor. As he moves, this puts pressure and weight on his feet

There are many other things that we are working on that I just don't have pictures of, I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into our day there. Please keep us in your prayers these next 3 weeks, pray that Grey (and mom) can handle 2 hours a day, and that he learns a lot and above all else, has fun while he is doing it!! :)

Love to all,
Leigh, Andy and Greyson


Sarah Hull said...

The CLC sounds like a piece of heaven on earth!! What a remarkable place.

I hold on to the belief that the Lord puts us in the right place at the right time. Looking back on our last 6 years it seems like we lived right where we needed to be for Katie to have the best care. When she was first born we moved (for bryant's job) to a city that just happened to be known for their SB clinic. The doctors there (at Loma Linda University) seriously changed our lives. I strongly believe we lived in that city just because we were suppose to be there for Katie's hip, ankle and shunt surgeries. I could cry if I think too hard about it.

I am SO glad you have the CLC. It sounds beyond amazing! I am anxious to hear how these next few weeks go with Grey! keep us posted!

Susan M. Nelson said...

It will be great!
Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow.

Amanda said...

That is so neat! You are very lucky to live so close to the center. I wish we had a few more resources like that. I absolutely love all of your pictures. Who's the photographer?

Momma Reekie said...

That sounds like an amazing center! I wish we had a facility like that, I guess I'll have to do some research tonight.

Grey's pictures are amazing, and as always a total inspiration!
I'm so proud of that little guy!

Good luck to you and Grey on this little adventure, it sounds like it might get a little tiresome after a while.

Leigh and Andy said...

We agree, the CLC has been such a blessing! I read about it on someone else's blog and did a little research and found out that it is 5 minutes from our house!

Andy would like me to say that he is the primary photographer and I am the first assistant. :)

The Winwards said...

Wow Leigh! I wish we had something like that here in Arizona! Sounds amazing!
Have to say I'm a bit jealous, as Grey is doing things that Tanner has not mastered yet, and he is younger! But hey, all kids are different!
Way to go Greyson!

The Winwards said...

Oh - and this is Star from babycenter-sb kids board. :)

Rony Schenker, OTR, PhD, Tsad Kadima, Israel said...

I wish all of us in the conductive community, busy in explaining to the world what conductive education is all about, were so literate...

Rony Schenker
Professional director

Tsad Kadima Israel

Joanna and David said...

What a need place! It's so great how God provides for us in so many different ways. :) I love the video- and being the emotional mess that I am I'd like to say thanks for making me CRY! lol. I really appreciate all your support especially these last few days - your such a blessing to me. Thank you! Love you guys!

Scasmflops said...

What a absolutely fantastic place. I am so ready to pack up and move to Grand Rapids. I just balled through that video and wanted to cheer when I saw your cute little man. We've never met but oh how I love your family. May you be blessed for blessing us.

david said...

I feel the conductive learning center as an effective plan for training children. The video clearly shows how the children enjoy life there.

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Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Could I share that video on my daughter's blog??? OMHeavens...i was crying hard at that boys perseverance.

gibbzee said...

Please share it with anyone!

Amanda said...

I looked all over for this!
We have Conductive education in Toronto and after I've contacted them, they went to a workshop in Grand Rapids.
We go for a consult in a couple of weeks! Nick will be the first child with SB, but I remember the video you posted last year!
Can't wait!