Thursday, December 11, 2008

30 Weeks

So according to our schedule January 29 is 7 short weeks away! Its funny, I've just recently starting thinking about how its going to be having a little guy living with us. Leigh and I have been pretty good "housemates" for a couple years and it will sure throw a wrinkle into the flow of the house. But it'll be great, challenging, but really great! We've continued to furnish his room and if he was home tomorrow, he'd be pretty comfy there. So Thanksgiving came and went really fast and now Christmas approaches. Last time I looked under the tree, it appears the Gibblet has the most gifts :)

So next week Tuesday we have another ultrasound appointment. Not really geeked about it, we almost feel it unnecessary, as we know it'll be hard to hear the news again. But, it's always so cool to see the little guy moving around, waving, kicking. Its a very cool moment we get to share with our son. Please keep us in your prayers as there will be a certain level of anxiety going into the appointment.

Last weekend Leigh had a shower given by Leigh's mom, her sister and my mom. Let's just say the Gibblet scored big time! Clothes, toys, shoes, and several other baby devices that I'm very unclear on how to use and/or operate in a safe manner for a small baby. But Leigh's a great teacher. :)

heres a few pics..enjoy

love andy and Leigh


Nate and Emily said...

Wow! Your nursery looks great. In fact it's sending me into panic mode because I'm way far behind compared to you two. If my baby is born early I just might have to bring him down the street to your nursery:)

Courtenay + John said...

I LOVE how he is simply "The Gibblet". The nursery looks awesome and Leigh looks like a precious little doll with a basketball in her shirt. Just stick arms and legs and a little bump. Awwww! :) Can't wait to meet the gibblet!


mken said...

Hey guys - beautiful nursery! the chair you in the corner for little Gibblet is a nice have. We got one just like it and it has put our little guy to sleep many, many times.

mken said...

Remember that blog we made for Katie D.

It brings back a lot of memeories - sniff, sniff