Sunday, June 3, 2012

lunch time

So not to long ago grey and I were having lunch at the table,  I went to get some more milk and came back to this...

He was thoroughly confused. haha :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Grey and the Baby Evan's

Ladies and Gentleman we introduce "Grey and the Baby Evan's!"

First ever performance...Brilliant!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Break!!! (part 3 of 3) Disney World

From the minute we left our house to go to the airport Grey had it in his head that we were off to see Mickey mouse...which was true, however he didn't realize that portion of the trip was at the end of the week. So you can imagine the anticipation that was created throughout the week! Finally we headed to Orlando for the last 2 days of our trip and it didn't take long to spot one of Grey's friends at the hotel.

Here he is, he spot Mickey Mouse from a far.

There he goes, off to see him.

...and he found him. Sure it wasn't the "real" Mickey Mouse, but this one was HUGE.

Loves it!

So we were off to Disney World and the very first ride we went on was the MAd TeaCup ride. Grey love it, and went on it 3 more times...
Thats the top of his me he had a smile on his face!

This was on the Winnie the Pooh ride, and basically how his face looked the entire day. He was in awe!

Flying Dumbo ride! Another on of his favorites.

This was kind of a surprise, but Grey actually loved the Carasoul. He doesn't even like the horsey ride at Meijer.

Grey and I hitting the race course. We won...naturally.

Here he is, late afternoon...completely exhausted at the dinner table. What a Day!

Oh and yeah The Magic Kingdom is still pretty "Magical" even me. :) love Andy, Leigh, Grey

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break!!! (part 2 of 3) The Pool

Well it was my hope that because i split these vacation photos up in 3 sections i would get to them faster...not exactly as planned, but here they are nevertheless.

When we had swallowed enough salt water in the ocean we headed over to the pool, which was surprisingly only occupied by us the entire time, and was great.

Heres Grey all decked out and ready for the pool!

Grey checking out the pool, making sure its up to his standards.
Grey loved the pool...almost as much as the ocean!

Mommy and Grey loving the pool! 

Part 3 to follow soon...(hint it includes Mickey Mouse)

love to all,

the Gibbs'

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break!!! (part 1 of 3) the beach

For the 3rd year in a row our family was lucky enough to travel south to Florida and enjoy a wonderful time in some amazing weather. Also, this year we were gonna carve out a couple days and hit Disneyworld. Leigh and I were probably more excited to see how excited Greyson was gonna be when he got there.

But first, it we spent some time on the beach. ahhhhh.

yes it was our very own, at least for a week.

Admittedly, the things Grey can do on the beach are limited, however that did not stop him from having a GREAT time. Here he is with some of his "Friends."

Grey and I pondering Life...

Grey and his cousins waiting for the next wave to come in. Kendall's there to make sure he doesn't get washed away from the tide coming in. But if you didn't know that it just looks like she loves him and wants to put her hand on his back. haha.

I think he saw a shark! (or just a wave, both would have made him pretty excited)

Here's Grey surfing on his "surfboard" with Pop. If it was up to him this is what we would have done all day! he LOVED the ocean and loved riding the waves.

Having this kidding pool down by the beach was great...until the tide came up and nearly took Grey out to sea. haha

Ok, the next section is THE POOL...stay tuned!

Love to all,

Andy,Leigh, Greyson

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is Andy's birthday so I thought that Grey and I could do a little post all about Daddy! I asked Grey a few questions, and here is what he said...

Me: Whose birthday is it today?
Grey: DADDY'S!!!! (said very excitedly!)

Me: How old is daddy?
Grey: 5 years old
Me: seriously, how old is daddy?
Grey 31!

Me: what did we get daddy for his birthday?
Grey: a cake!

Me: Why do you love daddy?
Grey: Because I do
Me: But what makes you love daddy?
Grey: You do (I don't think he quite understood that one) :)

Me: What does daddy do at work?
Grey: (i'm not even kidding, this is what he said) "Get some girls" (he doesn't)

Me: What color is daddy's hair?
Grey: orange (uh..not quite)

Me: what color are daddy's eyes?
Grey: green (he's right!)

Me: what is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
Grey: hug him (he seriously said that, so sweet)

Me: where is your favorite place to go with daddy?
Grey: D and W (grocery store)

Me: what else do you want to tell me about daddy?
Grey: big and wide (huh?)

Well, there ya have it. Everything you need to know about Andy. :) Grey and I are so lucky to have him!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Sporting Life

First things first, We have reason to celebrate in the Gibbs house... Last week it was Greyson's "Shunt-iversary" 3 years of his shunt working the way he needs it to work, no issues, no revisions, and only a few "is it his shunt" moments along the way. Thank God it never was a "shunt moment" We are so grateful for Grey's good health and pray for many, many more of these yearly milestones. I remember that day vividly, he was a tough little guy that day...way stronger than his parents. :)

Ok back to the theme of this post...Sports.

So a few weeks back Leigh was at Meijer (our local grocery store) and as she was walking in she saw a giant 4x4 truck with what looked like a wheelchair lift in the back. She was intriqued, and proceeded to check it out. Turns out it it was a wheelchair lift and the truck belonged to a 20 something kid from town. Leigh struck up a conversation with him explaining that she had a son that uses a wheelchair, and that its so cool to see something like this, etc, etc...Anyway, he said he played wheelcair rugby and that he had a tournament coming up soon. Leigh told me about this meeting and i was all for checking it out, heck i saw Murderball (thats a movie, a good one by the way) i wanted to see it in person. So the 3 of us checked it out on a Sunday afternoon and it didn't take long for Grey to make his presence known. He saw an open space (basketball court) and tore it up! We continually had to hold him back from going on to the court. And lets just say full contact wheelchair rugby is not a good place for 3 year old. Quickly, we started chatting with people in the stands, players, and met some pretty incredible people. It was cool to learn how the game was played and hear some of the stories behind each of the players. One player, (the one Leigh met) was on the Michigan Storm team and was good...really good. He has a shot of going to London this summer to play for the USA quad rugby team. He trains 3 hours a day to prepare, we heard that from his soon to be mother in law who we struck up a conversation with in the stands. Anyway, Grey got a lot of attention, most of which he didn't care for...

These girls were so nice to Grey, sadly grey wasn't so nice to them...rascal.

Heres a few action shots from the game.

This game is intense and includes a ton of strategy, what a cool way to be introduced to the sport!

Shifting gears from the hardwood to the ice, we had an opportunity to experience a Sled Hockey game last week in Grand Rapids. Every year, the Griffins (our local minor league hockey team) plays a game against the Grand Rapids Sled Wings (our local sled hockey team) and it's always a great turnout. This year we thought Grey would be old enough to enjoy trying out himself. He loved it!

Heres one of the players (like the best player on the whole team) helping grey get going.

Here's some of the action! Players of all ages got to play against pro hockey players! what a cool event. I talked to some of the younger kids before hand and they were pumped! Who knows, maybe Grey will be on the ice getting hat tricks against the Griffins in a few years.

Oh one more thing to leave you with.., While grey was out mastering his sled skills a "camera dude" asked if he could interview our family...naturally we said yes. Turns out they used it in the promo video!

check it out. we come in around 1:20


they cut all my lines i swear! I said some really great stuff, really i did. hahaha

love to all,

the gibbs'