Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is Andy's birthday so I thought that Grey and I could do a little post all about Daddy! I asked Grey a few questions, and here is what he said...

Me: Whose birthday is it today?
Grey: DADDY'S!!!! (said very excitedly!)

Me: How old is daddy?
Grey: 5 years old
Me: seriously, how old is daddy?
Grey 31!

Me: what did we get daddy for his birthday?
Grey: a cake!

Me: Why do you love daddy?
Grey: Because I do
Me: But what makes you love daddy?
Grey: You do (I don't think he quite understood that one) :)

Me: What does daddy do at work?
Grey: (i'm not even kidding, this is what he said) "Get some girls" (he doesn't)

Me: What color is daddy's hair?
Grey: orange (uh..not quite)

Me: what color are daddy's eyes?
Grey: green (he's right!)

Me: what is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
Grey: hug him (he seriously said that, so sweet)

Me: where is your favorite place to go with daddy?
Grey: D and W (grocery store)

Me: what else do you want to tell me about daddy?
Grey: big and wide (huh?)

Well, there ya have it. Everything you need to know about Andy. :) Grey and I are so lucky to have him!!


Our family said...

:) so sweet!

Jill said...

Adorable!! Happy Birthday Andy!

Mrs. Party Pants Potter said...

So adorable!
I'll probably steal this idea, because it is soo sweet.
But seriously, what DOES your husband do? lol

Lisa @ Heaven Sent said...

I love that you didn't edit. His words are too cute!

Joanna said...

haha! That was a seriously awesome interview. Barbara Walters couldn't have done better. ;)