Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grey's Mobile Stander and oh yeah, the 4th of July

Wow the fourth of July has come and gone already... We're a little slow to get some new photos of the Holiday Weekend up, but here's a few!

The weekend was great, we started by going to the parade. Grey didn't care too much about it, but he was into giving everyone hugs (we weren't complaining)
Here he is giving his cousin Olivia a great big one :)

We made our way to the park for lunch...and took pictures (big surprise) :)

Not too long ago Grey's therapist brought over a mobile stander. What's a mobile stander? Well it helps Grey work on standing, but also allows him to move around freely, because it has wheels. I'll be honest, when i saw it I was like "oh man, that thing's a big giant contraption, how is grey gonna work this thing?" WE'll it took Grey about 2 seconds to figure this one out and he was off! He loves it! So while we were at the park we took over the tennis courts and he showed us his moves. He's really good at it! :)

this is what it looks like.

I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda hard for both Leigh and I to see the stander, i mean it basically resembles a wheelchair and it was just one of those weak moments we had as parents. But when Grey was in it, laughing and smiling it kinda didn't matter anymore. He's amazing and I love him!

Here's a short video of him showin off.

Ohh yeah and we celebrated with fireworks!

Love to all,

Andy, Leigh, Grey

Saturday, July 3, 2010

SB Conference...

Andy and I had the opportunity to go to this years National spina bifida conference. We went with our friends Nate and Emily and although we had to leave our boys behind, we managed to have a great time! While there I was able to meet the first mom that I spoke to after finding out about Grey's SB. What a pleasure it was to meet her face to face. Seeing her son Nate run around was even more amazing than I thought it would be. I was also able to meet another mom who has answered many of my questions over the past year and a half, and a sweet baby girl and her parents who makes me smile every time I see her sweet face. Putting real life faces to these names that I know so well, was such a great feeling. Having a child with SB is an automatic entry into this club that I'm not always thrilled to be in. However, this club is full of amazing families and kids who I cheer for everyday. Seeing Jet stand up, Annabelle moving right along, Katie do a jog-a-thon, Nellie take steps with her walker, Alex scoot forward, Brenden with his new walker, Roman working out on the lite gait, seriously the list could go on and on...these kids are such an inspiration, and their families lift me up when I need it. Their moms (sorry dads, but the moms stick together) can answer my questions and calm my fears, but above all...THEY GET IT!! They cheer right along with me when Grey reaches a milsestone that at one point felt unreachable. But...back to the conference...

This conference was full of families like ours! I have never seen so many wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, AFOs in my life! It was GREAT!! The conference lasted Monday-Wednesday and was FULL of valuable information. I won't lie, there were times where we were on SB overload but for the most part, we learned so much and had a great time! I'm really looking forward to next year...ANAHEIM, CA...we're hoping that we can make it...WITH Grey this time!

I hope that you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday weekend!!

Love to all,
Leigh, Andy, and the G-man himself

Couldn't leave you without a picture!
Here is Grey working on standing! He is now able to stand leaning onto something for about 10 seconds!! WOO HOO!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Downhill Ride

I just thought we'd share a short little video of Grey doing some more "off-roadin," this time down the hill in our backyard.

AHHHH Summer, love it.


Andy, Leigh, Grey

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grey's story

I've been meaning to write out Greyson's story and I finally have! Here it is...
Grey's story

Love to all!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Six month check up??

*disclaimer---for those that don't know, I (Leigh) am a dental hygienist...

Nope, Grey isn't ready for his first visit just yet...but we are getting him ready! :) When Grey first started popping in those teeth, I of course started brushing them. And by brushing, I mean holding him down while he screams and trying to cram a toothbrush in. Yeah, he wasn't a fan. Recently though, we have come to an understanding that brushing isn't all that bad. We take turns...first I start...

Then he gets a turn...
Yum...he wouldn't be doing a good job if he didn't get a big taste! :)

My turn again...(he occasionally pulls the "I'm not going to open" bit...)
And then he is back at it...making sure to get every nook and crany!

I sure love his crooked, crazy teeth!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cowboys and ice cream...

There really isn't too much to say about this...
Grey had his first ice cream cone over Memorial Day weekend...
He LOVED it!! (We knew he would!)

We were lucky and he wanted to share. :)
He also faced his fears about this guy
This was one of his Christmas gifts from grandma and grandpa Neal...but he just couldn't bring himself to ride it...until today...
Then we put his cowboy hat on and he REALLY got into it!

We finally decided to take it outside and he stayed on it for at least 20 minutes...just sitting there enjoying his ride...He was rockin' all over the place!
Wooaaahhh Horsey...
It was getting HOT and it was time to take a dip...I'm not really sure what kind of contraption Andy made with all of those noodles, but Grey seemed to like it!

It was quite the day for our little guy!! Ice cream, horses, and crazy noodles in the pool! Just a typical day for out Grey!!

In other Grey related news, he had his first UTI this past weekend. UGH!! NO FUN!! He is feeling much better now, but the poor baby was pretty sick over the weekend! He was back to himself by Monday and we are praying that we don't have to face another one of these for a LONG time!!!

Love to you all!!