Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Break!!! (part 3 of 3) Disney World

From the minute we left our house to go to the airport Grey had it in his head that we were off to see Mickey mouse...which was true, however he didn't realize that portion of the trip was at the end of the week. So you can imagine the anticipation that was created throughout the week! Finally we headed to Orlando for the last 2 days of our trip and it didn't take long to spot one of Grey's friends at the hotel.

Here he is, he spot Mickey Mouse from a far.

There he goes, off to see him.

...and he found him. Sure it wasn't the "real" Mickey Mouse, but this one was HUGE.

Loves it!

So we were off to Disney World and the very first ride we went on was the MAd TeaCup ride. Grey love it, and went on it 3 more times...
Thats the top of his me he had a smile on his face!

This was on the Winnie the Pooh ride, and basically how his face looked the entire day. He was in awe!

Flying Dumbo ride! Another on of his favorites.

This was kind of a surprise, but Grey actually loved the Carasoul. He doesn't even like the horsey ride at Meijer.

Grey and I hitting the race course. We won...naturally.

Here he is, late afternoon...completely exhausted at the dinner table. What a Day!

Oh and yeah The Magic Kingdom is still pretty "Magical" even me. :) love Andy, Leigh, Grey


Joanna said...

Ooooo this makes me think of last summer and how amazing that was! So glad to see Greyson enjoying some Mickey-Time again! He is looking so super big in those pics! We take the Jet-man to Disney World for the first time this summer. We'll have to tell Mickey "hi" from our buddy Grey. :)

Cynthia Paap said...

Still can't get over how cute your little man is. He must get anything he wants when he looks at you with those eyes!!

anne said...

Disney World Vacation is every kids' dream. So I never miss this fun and event with my kids.